Reviewed: Joyful Volunteering, Together We Can

The everyday business of recruiting and coordinating volunteers can leave you lost in a maze of training programs, background checks and program management. Somewhere along the way, you lose sight of the simple things: the nervous feelings a first-time volunteer might have, the initial motivation for seeking service opportunities, and the personal reasons we all have that turn us on to volunteering.

JoyfulVolunteeringgraphicJoyful Volunteering, written by Gail Endelman Small, LuNel LeMieux, and Ninon de Vere De Rosa, is a perfect remedy for this. The collection provides fresh insights and renewed understanding of the most important and yet easily overlooked aspects of community service.

Though primarily geared towards the new and possibly nervous volunteer, it is equally enjoyable for the experienced volunteer or the volunteer coordinator looking to get back in touch with why people start volunteering in the first place.

The book offers first hand accounts that range from emotional narratives, quirky anecdotes and inspirational one-liners. Its open forum format is appreciative and encouraging of service of all kinds. There are also practical guides that give step-by-step instructions on how to implement a community circle, tutoring programs and counseling services within your own nonprofit.

There was a time in everyone’s life when all they knew about volunteering was that they wanted to chip in. Joyful Volunteering is an easy way to revisit that time. To learn more, visit