changentslogoHere’s some refreshing news: amidst penny-pinching times, the online social action site has plenty of spare change, and they’re making it easier for you and your nonprofit to share the wealth.

Over the past year, has become the leading Internet platform connecting the people behind new and inventive nonprofits–Change Agents–with those who can help them. Using online storytelling that incorporates blogging, photos, videos and volunteer opportunities, Changents brings together charismatic individuals and their personal stories to invite people everywhere to follow, volunteer, and actively participate in their missions.

These Change Agents are tackling a wide spectrum of issues happening across the nation and overseas, including the environment, human rightsdisaster relief, clean water, micro-finance, health, and more. Changents helps them tell their stories, connect with supporters around the world and rally assistance for their cause.

Each Change Agent’s profile has an “Action Request” section where they can ask for support and offer various volunteer opportunities. The requests range from easy to complete tasks such as signing petitions, to in-person activities such as events and concerts. The wide variety of volunteer requests allows them to build teams of supporters from anywhere around the world.

In the coming year, Changents is planning to incorporate VolunteerMatch tools on their site to help Change Agents gain support for their nonprofit. In the mean time, check out for inspiration and ideas.