Want to Help Our Troops? Help Them Volunteer

Miltary service and community service intersect at U.S. nonprofitsThe traditional approach to volunteering and our veterans has been to encourage Americans to get involved at local organizations as a way to support the troops — by partnering with organizations that deliver services and programs to vets, active military personnel, or military families, Americans can do their part to salute the men and women who protect and defend our nation.

But there’s another way volunteering can help troops: by providing our active and veteran forces with ways to find meaning and purpose in our local communities after they return home.

On Veterans Day yesterday, VolunteerMatch and Target Corporation announced a new partnership to make it easier for veterans to find service opportunities, for citizens to support the military through community service, and for service organizations to more effectively recruit volunteers in local communities.

The partnership is a response to a new report written by Civic Enterprises and underwritten by Target and the Case Foundation that found that veterans who had participated in service opportunities since arriving home from Iraq and Afghanistan had smoother transitions than those who had not. Two findings in particular stood out: just 13% of service people reported that their transitions home were going well, and 92% report that serving the community is important to them.

So the opportunity to help military and vets by connecting them to service opportunities is clear. That’s why we just added a new Interest Area, “Military Families & Veterans,” to the VolunteerMatch system.

By choosing “Veterans & Military Families” for their listings, organizations make it possible for visitors to the VolunteerMatch Advanced Search page or any of our hundreds of network partner sites will be able to quickly find ways to get involved at thousands of local organizations.

Want to help our troops? Help them volunteer.

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