Reviewed: Actions Speak Loudest, Keeping Our Promise for a Better World

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actionsiconBeing a new parent during a time of severe economic depression, worldwide violence and war, and environmental crisis is a daunting role. For the first time, Americans are not sure that the lives of their children will be better than their own, which makes the need for volunteerism greater than ever before.

For Robert McKinnon, writer, editor and new parent himself, the answer lies in depoliticizing the issues our children will inherit in order to take action that will benefit future generations. His newest book, Actions Speak Loudest, Keeping Our Promise for a Better World, collects essays from 32 prominent figures in politics, science, health, athletics and entertainment, covering themes from education and climate change to childhood obesity and domestic violence.

Each essay is perfectly tailored to the individual’s expertise, with Jimmy Carter writing about peace and tolerance, quarterback Donovan McNabb writing about physical inactivity, and Rachel Ray addressing food and nutrition in American society.

What sets this collection apart is McKinnon’s multi-faceted approach to presenting these grim circumstances we find ourselves in and what we can do to change them. The photographs that accompany each essay pull at the heart strings and arouse motivational emotion, while the “Actions Speak Loudest” sections at the end of each piece provide practical ways that we can implement these ideas in our homes, communities and across the country.

This collection is an inspiring and useful read for any parent or individual hoping to leave this world a better place than they found it. Visit to share your ideas for taking action and to find out more ways to create positive change in your own community.