Day One of iParticipate’s TV Campaign Produces Disappointing Results

The first full day of the Entertainment Industry Foundation’sweek-long TV campaign to inspire a new era of service and volunteerism got off to a rocky start yesterday as engineers wrestled with reported bugs and search issues on the campaign’s website

In collaboration with Service Nation the Entertainment Industry Foundation has rallied the star-power of Hollywood behind a campaign to promote citizen service and increase meaningful opportunities for Americans to volunteer their time and skill.

Yesterday the lights came up on the big week of specially-created TV programming, including more than 90 primetime, daytime, news, and talk shows, but unresolved engineering problems related to the implementation of the new All for Good API suite resulted in reports of missing listings, incorrect date information and the publication of expired opportunities.

VolunteerMatch’s support team began tracking many of the issues on Friday as we received feedback from nonprofits looking to find their VolunteerMatch listings on the iParticipate channel. VolunteerMatch organized the issues and requested help from the iParticipate team Friday afternoon to answer questions and resolve the reported bugs.

We understand that solutions are on the way, but Monday’s traffic figures reflect the troubled start. Despite the extraordinary national media attention on Monday iParticipate was unable to convert much of that attention into action.

VolunteerMatch’s internal traffic figures for October 19th reveal that of the 36,644 visits to the VolunteerMatch network yesterday only 943, or 2.57%, came from

Traffic from to VolunteerMatch 10/19/2009
Traffic from to VolunteerMatch 10/19/2009

For those committed to measurement and impact this is an unavoidably disappointing outcome. To put it into perspective, we estimate these 944 visits will translate into between 25-30 new volunteers.

Yesterday we got the show without the business and we’re not ready to settle for it. We deserve better.

Tune in tonight and let us know what you think?