Case Foundation Invites Nonprofits to Gear Up for Giving, and Then Take the Challenge

America's Giving ChallengeBack in 2007, the Case Foundation launched an innovative fundraising campaign, America’s Giving Challenge. The challenge called on nonprofits to harness the power of social media and Web 2.0 to raise funds and build a network of cause advocates. In a testament to founder Jean Case’s assertion that “Small amounts of money given by large numbers of individuals can be combined to do great things,” America’s Giving Challenge brought forward 71,000 people to raise $1.8 million for thousands of causes around the world.

Now, the Case Foundation is ready for round two, and it’s helping organizations put their best foot forward with “Gear Up For Giving” — a series of trainings on social media hosted by experts in the field.

Nonprofits can take advantage of these free “Ask the Guru” sessions by visiting at the appropriate time. If you can’t attend any of the sessions, check out the resources page which links to all of the best writing and reporting on everything from Effective Blogging to Social Media Strategy to Using Facebook Causes. It’s enough to keep you current on what your organization can do with social media, and will prepare you just in time to start activating your networks.

On October 7, America’s Giving Challenge kicks off, utilizing the Causes application on Facebook to enable individuals and nonprofits to compete for awards up to $50,000.

How to Get Your Nonprofit Involved

  • Make sure your organization’s Facebook Causes account is ready to go. If you need help setting this up, or have questions about effective use, the Case Foundation will be hosting free Q&A sessions with Facebook Causes representatives, starting October 7.
  • Enlist everyone in your organization and social network to get involved by spreading the word and donating. America’s Giving Challenge rewards the nonprofits that receive the greatest number of donations, not the greatest dollar amount.
  • Recruit volunteers! There are thousands of people all over the country who are passionate about your cause. Get them involved as a “cause advocate.”

Create a virtual volunteer opportunity at VolunteerMatch asking those who support your cause to:

  • Donate to your cause on Facebook
  • Feature your cause on their Facebook profile
  • Invite their friends to donate to your cause via e-mail, Facebook, etc.
  • Spread the word about your cause on Twitter
  • Blog about your cause and America’s Giving Challenge

Good luck to all the nonprofits participating!

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