New to VolunteerMatch? Attend a Free Introductory Webinar for Nonprofits

Attend a Volunteer Webinar to learn how to recruit and manage volunteers more effectively using VolunteerMatch.

Maybe you’re in a new role or else new to your organization? Maybe you’ve just recently learned how volunteers can help your organization to succeed? Or maybe your boss just assigned the VolunteerMatch account over to you?

Whatever the situation, you’ve heard that VolunteerMatch can help organizations just like yours find great volunteers for all kinds of projects and events. You just need some help understanding where to start and how to get the most from your Nonprofit account at VolunteerMatch.

“VolunteerMatch 101” is the Web training for you. This free service from VolunteerMatch covers the basics of your VolunteerMatch account and give you a ton of best practices for writing effective listings and maximizing your listings’ visibility. It will also begin to introduce to your all the other ways we can make your job easier and your organization more effective.

The next “VolunteerMatch 101” Web training takes place Wednesday, 10/7, from 11AM-12PM Pacific.

Dee Webster, our Community Support expert, will lead the training. She’s one of the uber-helpful folks you reach when you call us with questions – which makes her the perfect instructor to help guide your success at VolunteerMatch.

Register to reserve your spot at this free Web training.

You can also review our list of other free trainings for organizations that recruit and manage volunteers.

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