Staying Alive: 4 Ways to Help Keep Your VolunteerMatch Account Alive

Every day at VolunteerMatch we help hundreds of nonprofits find great volunteers. But if there’s one scenario that makes us want to cry, it’s this: Someone at your organization sets up an account and starts recruiting but then moves on — forgetting to pass on their account details to someone else in the office.

Maybe the culprit is your co-worker. Maybe it’s your old boss. Maybe it’s even you! But eventually your organization’s profile is left untouched on VolunteerMatch — opportunities expired, contact information hopelessly outdated, abandoned and unloved. We get choked up just thinking about it.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to keep your organization’s account alive, active, and visible to thousands of potential volunteers:

  • Add at least one other coworker as an administrator to your account.
  • Create a generic e-mail address (e.g., and add it as an administrator to your account.
  • Record your VolunteerMatch administrator e-mail address and password in your organization’s password archive.
  • If you are planning to leave your job, be sure to transfer administrator status for your account to someone else before you go.

Four easy steps — and then access to great volunteers for years to come. Log in today to check your administrator account: VolunteerMatch just wouldn’t be the same without you.