Conference Captures: Nonprofits Speak Out About VolunteerMatch

[This is the fifth in a series of video interviews captured at this year’s National Conference on Volunteering and Service, which took place June 22-24 in San Francisco. To see them all, click here.]

One of the great things about the National Conference is the chance to spend time with members of our nonprofit community. This year we put a few on camera to talk about how they use VolunteerMatch to strengthen their volunteer programs.

Laura Peppinger is with Licking County Coalition for Housing’s AmeriCorps program. Says Laura:  “I just looked at my email and there’s a note from a young woman… who’s interested in AmeriCorps and might want to serve as a financial coach!”

Stacie Ford-Bonnelle is with 10000 Villages in Seattle, Wash. Says Stacie: “I’ve got two inquiries on my phone that I’m going to contact when I get back to Seattle.”

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