Traffic Report: Explores Growth in Volunteer Searching Online is one of the more trusted names in traffic analytics, and its service is best known for its comparison systems that allow Web visitors to see how traffic to one Web site “competes” with another.

Today editor Robert Raiford has written a blog post exploring how the recession, the Obama effect, and all the excitement around volunteering and service is influencing traffic patterns to organizations like City Year, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and VolunteerMatch.

Our favorite part of the report is Raiford’s look at how the biggies of volunteer search are stacking up these days. The chart tells the story:

The most popular destination sites for finding volunteer opportunities

Raiford’s final analysis:

The average time spent on these sites has also seen increases; despite occasional fluctuations, there has been positive growth in time spent online over the past year. In May, on average, visitors spent over seven minutes on the sites for VolunteerMatch, City Year, PeaceCorps – and nearly twice that on

We should not, however, attempt to make a direct correlation between the Obama Administration and increase in UVs to suggest a new found civic duty by the American public. Fellow recent graduates can attest the current state of the economy has made the job hunt quite bit harder, and more of us are looking at alternatives to immediately joining the private sector.

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