Three Great Examples of Nonprofits Using Our Syndication Tool

Volunteer section on F.A.C.E.S Web site
Syndication Tool in action

We’re nearing 1 million page views now for our Syndication Tool, and it’s clear that this little widget that nonprofits can place on their own Web sites is picking up a lot of fans. Recently we’ve seen some great examples of the Syndication Tool in action:

The Syndication Tool is simple in both concept and practice. Just install a snippet of code on any page of your Web site, and your VolunteerMatch listings will automatically get published there when you update your account. So for those of you who fight for resources and time from your Web master to make changes to your site… no longer.

The tool is also designed to be flexible to match the look and feel of your site and to allow you to customize what portions of your VolunteerMatch opportunties get displayed.

For many organizations, being able to syndicate their listings on their own sites has been a chief reason for subscribing to our Community Leader service, our premium tool set for organizations.