Volunteer Reviews Gain Traction


Riding the wave of user reviews that has made Yelp and TripAdvisor so popular, last year we launched our Recommendations & Reviews tool to help make it easier for volunteers to learn about opportunities from other volunteers.

We were a little intrepid about it. Strange as it sounds today, at that time there simply wasn’t any single destination to read reviews about volunteer organizations. IHow would it look if the feature launched and there was not yet a single review? Would it make great organizations look, well, bad to volunteer at? Further, some of our nonprofit members were a little nervous about the idea of having potentially dirty laundry aired out in public right next to their listings.

After lots of testing and internal discussion, the system we decided on was kept pretty simple, including no complicated surveys, no leading  questions, and lots friendly prompting to nonprofits that activating their top volunteers to share their love of service would be a great way to get more volunteers in the long run.

A little less than a year later,  this is a tool that is taking off. And while the majority of the ratings are either 5 stars or 1 star, we have a growing group of other ratings too: