Webinar Recap: Using Facebook for Cause Marketing

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Cause Marketing on FacebookEveryone knows that Facebook — with 800 million active users — is where people spend much of their time on the Web (28% log on before even getting out of bed!).

Many companies and their nonprofit partners are still figuring out the best way to get these users involved, but for some the experimentation has paid off. For our December Best Practice Network webinar, we invited Megan Strand, Director of Communications at Cause Marketing Forum, to share findings from her recent whitepaper, “Facebook and Cause Marketing: Truths, Tips and Trends from Pioneers.”

Webinar Recap: A Global View of Corporate Responsibility

The Global CR OpportunityGlobal CR Opportunity, the latest study from Cone Communications, found that consumers around the world agree that companies — as employers, service providers and manufacturers — have a responsibility to address the concerns of the community. And in exchange, consumers are willing to reward those companies with their trust and loyalty.

For the November edition of our Best Practice Network webinar series, Sarah Kerkian shared valuable insights to help make your cause marketing campaign a success in the global marketplace.

Webinar Recap: Jet-Set Service – International Corporate Volunteering

For the latest installment of the VolunteerMatch Best Practice Network Webinar series, we invited Amanda MacArthur from CDC Development Solutions to provide insight into the evolving world of international corporate volunteering.

Amanda explained that the number of organizations sending employees to emerging markets on CDC development programs — with destinations in 58 countries on almost every continent — is seeing a dramatic increase. More and more companies recognize the impressive rewards.

Webinar Recap: An Introduction to Cause Marketing with Joe Waters

For the October edition of our Best Practice Webinar Series, VolunteerMatch invited Joe Waters to share his expertise on cause marketing. Geared towards nonprofits and businesses of all sizes, he offered a concise overview of the best fundraising strategies as well as advice on finding the perfect partner.

Joe has extensive knowledge on the subject: he was the Director of Cause and Event Marketing at the Boston Medical Center, and he recently co-authored Cause Marketing for Dummies, a great primer for nonprofits, businesses and organizations looking to start a successful cause marketing partnership. You can also follow his blog at Selfish Giving, where since 2004, he’s been sharing his success stories and views on emerging trends.

Best Cause Marketing Tactics

Before you can have a successful campaign, first you need to pin down a good definition. Cause marketing has come to mean many things, but at its core, it’s a relationship where nonprofits reach out through a business to its consumers in order to promote their cause, or what Joe calls “a partnership between a nonprofit and a for-profit for mutual profit.”

Webinar Recap: How Companies Can Pay Tribute and Create Impact on 9/11

Is your company involved in 9/11 Day of Service?Following 9/11, David Paine and Jay Winuk dedicated themselves to finding a way to honor the memory of Jay’s brother, a volunteer EMT who was a victim of the attacks. Recognizing the surge of compassion in response to such a universally shared tragedy, they rallied many supporters behind their vision, including family members of victims, emergency responders and volunteers. In 2009, Sept. 11 was declared a National Day of Service and Remembrance.

For this month’s entry in our Best Practice Network webinar series, David, now Founder and President of MyGoodDeed.org, taught us “How Companies Can Pay Tribute and Create Impact on 9/11.” His website’s front page invites users to submit an “I Will” pledge saying what they will do to contribute to the spirit of service on 9/11.

The 9/11 Day of Service project has attracted over 1,000 businesses in 24 major cities, is partnering with a number of high-profile media outlets such as Clear Channel, Facebook, Google, Viacom, and many others, and has landed a number of celebrity endorsements and PSAs. MyGoodDeed.org is thus a powerful tool for companies that want to coordinate and track employee efforts to honor 9/11 Day of Service.

CECP Webinar Recap: Corporate Philanthropy is Looking Up

Corporate philanthropy is trending upEven as our economy recovers from a downturn, surveys show that corporate giving levels have risen. Alison Rose, Standards and Measurement Manager from the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) presented these findings and more in “Giving in Numbers: Emerging Trends in Corporate Philanthropy” on July 13th. This webinar was part of our continuing Best Practice Network series.

Founded by Paul Newman in 1999, the CECP is the only international forum of businesses solely dedicated to evaluating and supporting corporate philanthropy. This fall, its yearly research publication “Giving in Numbers” will present findings about corporate philanthropy practices and statistics. The study surveyed 184 companies that gave $15.5 billion last year, including 63 Fortune 100 companies. Members of CECP gain access to a variety of useful resources, including a web-based benchmarking feature, networking programs, research findings and best-practice sharing.

Over 350 guests registered for this webinar, which included fun features like audience polls and live question feedback.