About This Blog

Volunteer Engagement for BusinessesWelcome to Volunteering is CSR, the VolunteerMatch blog for the business community!

Best known for our public site, www.volunteermatch.org, VolunteerMatch is also a leading resource for businesses, campuses, brands, and national nonprofit organizations that want to successfully engage employees and customers as volunteers.

About the Name

Volunteering Is CSR is our argument to business leaders who are committed to social responsibility that volunteer engagement can and should be a prominent part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) mix. The benefits are many, the costs are few, and the impact in the community is real and lasting.

What to Expect

Turn to this blog for tips, news, best practices, case studies, and reflections about volunteering as a critical part of CSR. We’ll also announce events, webinars, and other timely resources all about corporate volunteerism.

You Can Contribute

What would you like to see in Volunteering Is CSR? Let us know. We also welcome guest posts on corporate social responsibility, volunteerism, and employee engagement. Check out these guidelines to get started.