About This Blog

Welcome to the VolunteerMatch blog about volunteering for the business community!

Best known for our public site, www.volunteermatch.org, VolunteerMatch is also the leading resource for businesses, campuses, brands, and national nonprofit organizations that want to successfully engage employees and customers as volunteers.

Why This Blog?

Since we launched our first website for a corporate partner back in 1999, recognition of the role that volunteer engagement can play in corporate social responsibility has evolved considerably.

Today our network of business clients comprises many of the world’s leading companies, and every day our business network inspires thousands of employees and consumers to volunteer in the community. Paralleling this has been a growing body of knowledge about the impact, benefits, and best practices of volunteer engagement for employees, consumers, and students.

But for all the data, there is still a dearth of go-to resources available for administrators, academics, consultants, employee volunteer program managers, and other CSR practitioners who want to take their volunteer engagement programs to the next level. Furthermore, there are few voices in the CSR community strongly advocating for increased recognition of the potential of volunteer engagement to transform workplaces, communities, campuses, and brands for the better. We hope Volunteering Is CSR can settle in this niche and play an important role in expanding awareness and improving practice in the field.

About the Name

The name of the blog is itself a bold statement. Volunteering Is CSR is our argument to business leaders who are committed to social responsibility that volunteer engagement can and should be a prominent part of the mix.  The benefits are many, the costs are few, and the impact in the community is real and lasting.

We hope you’ll check back soon and often for tips, news, best practices, and case studies about volunteering as a critical part of CSR. At a time when more and more business are embracing their roles in the community at large and taking responsibility for the social impact of their operations, we consider it an honor to support your important work.

You Can Contribute

What would you like to see in Volunteering Is CSR? Let us know. We also welcome guest posts on corporate social responsibility, volunteerism, and employee engagement. Send us an email to get started.