CSR Food for Thought: Ten Reasons Why Doing Good Is Good For Business

18. January 2013 CSR 0

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Ten Reasons Why Doing Good Is Good For Business
The next time someone tries to question the purpose of your role in corporate social responsibility (CSR), make sure to have this article on hand. Here the author outlines 10 basic, and impactful, reasons why CSR is good for society and for business.

The Power of Collaboration
We often use the word “collaboration” heavily when we discuss what it will take to build a more socially responsible world. But achieving successful collaboration is not an easy task. The experts at BSR offer the first in a series of articles exploring what works and what doesn’t when trying to build collaborative programs.

Brand Citizenship Rules
Consumers care less about the good you’re doing for the public when you’re not first doing a good job taking care of your employees. So it’s critical to first focus internally on engaging employees and important business stakeholders before looking beyond your organization’s walls. However, building your program from the inside out won’t hold you back from the public good you’re trying to achieve, it will actually bolster the external impact you’ll have.

Is Being a Responsible Consumer More Important Than Voting?
Havas Worldwide recently published the latest study to show how consumers increasingly look to companies and nonprofits to fill the role that government traditionally played in helping to solve social issues. As this Cause Marketing Forum article notes, there is a huge opportunity for companies and nonprofits to engage citizens in their efforts to create change.

Shaking the Donor Engagement Ladder
A low percentage (9%) of cause supporters are first engaging through social media channels. However, as Emily Nichols of Cone Communications explains, this is not to say that these supporters don’t deserve to be engaged. In fact, people who engage first through social media are more likely to stay involved by donating and volunteering for a cause than when engaging first through traditional channels. That is enough reason to make you think twice about how you’ll engage consumers in your next campaign.

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