CSR Food for Thought: Passionate Employees

08. June 2012 CSR 0

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Beyond Employee Engagement: Integration
With several research studies and examples, there are clearly some very important benefits to employee engagement and volunteerism. Now according to a few CSR veterans who collaborated during the Sustainable Brands Conference, a new term had emerged; Employee Integration – which is all about tying sustainability to job descriptions.

Advocating for Impact: What Workers Want
This very important executive summary and engaging info-graphic from Net Impact demonstrates that employees want to be engaged. Employees who contribute to social or environmental causes are more satisfied than those who don’t. Making a difference through your job is a major priority for graduating seniors, and this article includes some stories from young professionals who are experiencing just that.

Good Bye and Good Riddance: CSR Trends We Can Thankfully Say Goodbye To
Responsible companies are looking to shape a bright future – with this trend comes a lot of ongoing change and progress in the ever-changing world of CSR. Here’s a list of a few trends we can graciously say goodbye to. My favorite trend that’s on its way out is that CSR efforts don’t have to be a secret anymore and it’s even cool to be socially and environmentally conscious. Once again, it’s becoming clearer that CSR will be the way we do business in the future.

Building Our Body of CR knowledge
New data from CR Magazine and NYSE-Euronext indicate further growth in CSR. Programs, budgets and CEO commitments dedicated to Corporate Citizenship are on the rise. Here is some must read data that proves the ongoing importance of CSR.

Debunking the Myths of Corporate Social Responsibility
This article helps to clear the air surrounding some common myths in CSR; if you’re not convinced CSR is an important piece of the puzzle for companies today, read this article.  Going hand in hand with the Net Impact study posted above, it includes some very important insights about just how much employees care about their community. A must read for CSR lovers and skeptics alike.

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