CSR Food for Thought: Jobs that Make a Difference

25. May 2012 CSR 0

The CSR Food for Thought series is a weekly roundup of relevant news from around the Web, presented to you in one bite-sized blog post.

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People Want Jobs That Make A Difference, Even If It Means A Pay Cut
It’s just about graduation time for universities across the country and many of us are curious to see what the future holds for the new graduates of our community. Net Impact released the results an in-depth study this week exploring the attitudes of both students about to enter the workforce, and those of individuals who have already completed their studies. The data reveal many interesting insights about the expectations of the next generation of our workforce, and how they hope to make a lasting impact on their communities.

Beginning to Give
We continue to find more data and information making the case for employee volunteer programs – but how does an organization get started? Our friend Angela Parker from Realized Worth guides you through the thinking process for starting a successful program.

Small Business, Big Engagement
As we learned from Chris Jarvis during our Client Summit last week, social media can be a highly effective storytelling method for CSR. But what do small business need to know about getting started and using it effectively, since they often have smaller budgets than big brands? Georgetown University released a guidebook this week to answer all the questions small businesses have for starting an effective CSR social media program.

5 Visions Of The Future Of Service In America
Rounding out a multi-article series on volunteering in America, Rachel Chong shares her vision for the future of service. Her list includes that in the future employers will encourage their staff to give back to communities, in particular by lending their skills to organizations I need. You can check out our president, Greg Baldwin’s, piece in the series here.

Can We Use Corporate Social Responsibility to Evaluate Companies?
Some believe the way to truly look at the value of an organization today is to look how it is maximizing its intangible assets – including its CSR practices. However, without a standard or reliable way to measure CSR, are we stuck forever valuing only tangible assets? We’re not giving up hope, and keeping our eye on the future of measurement and valuation.

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