CSR Food for Thought: Corporate Reputation = Be Authentic

11. May 2012 CSR 0

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Six Growing Trends In Corporate Sustainability
The latest research study by Ernst & Young, in collaboration with GreenBiz, shows that employees are regarded as the key stakeholder for CSR programs. Employees are the heart of any organization, and can be the main supporters and advocates that help drive impact.

Corporate & Workplace Reputation: Be Authentic
The best path to a strong reputation is dedicating to authenticity. Instead of showcasing the one proof point that puts your program in a positive light, consider combining data and storytelling to present a full picture of your efforts.

Seven Steps to Turning Your CSR Report into a Year of Communications Content
CSR reports are often considered a headache. It takes time to gather all the necessary data and requires multi-stakeholder involvement to get all the pieces into place. To make the most of all that hard work, creative communications firm AHA! recommends seven steps to getting more content and storytelling out of the “the beast.”

What makes a Sustainability Report Good or Bad?
On the topic of CSR reports – how do we know what makes a good or bad report (which is important if we plan to suffer a headache over it!)? Elaine Cohen, an international CSR reporting wizard offers her thoughts and guidance of what will make your report stand out.

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