CSR Food for Thought: Is Volunteering Worth It?

13. April 2012 CSR 0

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Is Volunteering Worth It? The Economics of Generosity
Did you know that each hour of volunteering is valued at a whopping $21.79? This is a baseline valuation for the nonprofit sector, released each year by the Independent Sector. While some argue you can’t put a price tag on the real value generated by volunteering, our president, Greg Baldwin, discusses why this number is nonetheless important in garnering attention and tracking impact for this very important practice.

Agency Comes Up With ‘I Care’ Button For Social Media
Have you ever felt that “Like”ing a cause or issue on Facebook is counter-intuitive? Your dismay will soon be relieved with the release of the “I Care” button. Instead of “Like”ing the next natural disaster or a nonprofits call for action – why not show you care? DDB Worldwide will soon release embeddable code for all publishers to use the “I Care” call to action.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Best Content of Q1
If there’s one thing we love, its CSR news roundups. Especially when we’re included in it! Check out the best CSR finds from DeSantis Breindel, including a link to our January webinar about building a flexible and sustainable employee volunteer program. Want more? Download the full guide here!

Six Weeks to Become a Pro Bono Manager
Skilled volunteering – or pro bono, as some say – is one of the most valuable ways to give back. But it’s not as easy as showing up for a park cleanup – it requires planning and partnership. To get you started Taproot Foundations Aaron Hurst is publishing a 6-part series to take you through a step-by-step process to become an effective pro bono manager. Grab your pencils!

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