CSR Food for Thought: Consumers Say, “What’s In It For Me?”

03. February 2012 CSR 0

CSR Food for ThoughtThe CSR Food for Thought series is a weekly roundup of relevant news from around the Web, presented to you in one bite-sized blog post.




Apologizing, Cancer Group Reverses Planned Parenthood Decision
You may have caught wind of the controversy the nonprofit Susan G. Komen for the Cure stirred up by cutting support for Planned Parenthood this week. If not, this is a great article from The New York Times that sums up their latest choice to withdraw their previous decision.  At first we had pondered the unintended backlash this move could have on corporate supporters of Komen.  Now, after a large social media fueled debate, Komen has apologized for its previous decision. As we discussed last week, corporate/nonprofit partnerships are sensitive to changes in mission or organizational intent.

To Increase Sustainable Consumption, Show People What’s In It For Them
Today, becoming a more responsible company leads to business growth, and helps companies become more sustainable over time. The next phase is for companies to get consumers on board and thinking more about how their everyday activities and consumption impact the environment and society as a whole.  How will you do it? One theory is by incentivizing consumers to make more responsible choices. (Note the parallels with how cause marketers are incentivizing consumers.)

Paying More Than Lip Service to Business Ethics
Many people are talking about corporate responsibility today.  However, there is a great difference between carelessly flinging the phrase around, and actually implementing it into your business practices. There have been many lapses that exposed greed and abuse which led to the corporate scandals of the past. Thankfully, there are leaders today who are on the right track and investing in the ethics of being a truly responsible business. Increasingly, business schools are shifting from talking about the end result to the means of how you get there.

Get Your Employees Engaged
Former president and CEO, Doug Conant, of the Campbell Soup Company talks about getting your employees engaged and increasing staff morale.  In this video he points out the connection between having highly engaged employees and high level performance. He would hand write notes to recognize employees around the globe, and walk through the offices to visit and engage with employees during the day. (Note the connection between what Doug did and The Fun Theory post from last week.)

7 Trends That Will Shape Sustainable Consumption in 2012
Adding on to the list created by Raphael Bemporad, founding partner of BBMG, Triple Pundit states their point of view for 2012.  Common predictions include: an increased importance of consumers and the collaboration among them that drives sales, new consumers looking for total value, narrowing the gap between added value and lowest price, innovation that benefits consumers and the bottom line, and the importance of mobile apps that promote sustainable brands. (Similar to how cause marketers are incentivizing consumers.)


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