Launch of the New Listing Wizard Gives Skilled Volunteering a Boost

Find skilled volunteer opportunities at VolunteerMatchNot all employee volunteering is skilled volunteering, but corporate employees often gain special satisfaction when they use their personal and professional skills to make a difference in the world.

At VolunteerMatch, we’ve noticed more and more individuals searching for opportunities to do just that, and we’ve also been seeing more nonprofits looking for volunteers to fill specific needs. That’s why we just released a Listing Wizard that makes it easier for skilled volunteers to connect with nonprofits.

The Listing Wizard enables nonprofits to choose from a specific taxonomy of skills, thus standardizing the search process for potential volunteers. Broken down into multi-layered categories, the new skills system is based on work by Taproot Foundation with support from Microsoft Corporation.

With this new feature, the “keyword” search field becomes an even more powerful tool for employee volunteers. Inputting conventional industry terms like “marketing” or “electrical engineering” will index the new fields and return listings that are a great fit.

The listings created in the Listing Wizard will appear on hundreds of site across the VolunteerMatch network – including corporate ¬†employee volunteering sites, SearchLite Widget deployments and cause marketing integrations. While your user interface won’t change, you’ll definitely see a difference in the relevance and alignment of the listings with your employees’ skills.

So as you continue to engage your employees, consider what skills they can offer the nonprofits in the VolunteerMatch network. You’d be surprised how many organizations are looking for people just like your employees.

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