Share Your Employee Volunteering Story

20. September 2011 Storytelling 0

What's your story of impact?

If you look up and slightly to the right, you’ll notice a new tab option on Volunteering is CSR: “Share Your Story.” We’ve added this because we realized we don’t currently have a place for employee volunteers and their managers to share stories of impact.

We’ve added the new tab because your stories are important. Your experiences, the obstacles and successes that you encounter on your way to making a difference, can inspire others. So we want to share them with the rest of the VolunteerMatch community.

Are you an individual who has volunteered through your workplace?

Are you the manager of an employee volunteer program?

Click on the tab and tell us about it. We may share it with the world, and your story and that of your company will help mobilize others to get involved.

Share your story now.

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