Eye on the Finalists: Los Alamos National Laboratory

2011 Finalist Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Note: On May 12, 2011, VolunteerMatch will announce the winners of the 2011 Corporate Volunteer Awards at our annual Client Summit in Chicago.

In this series of posts, we’ll introduce you to the facts and folks behind the ten most effective employee volunteer programs in our family of corporations compared against our 2010 benchmarks for more than 76 companies.

  • Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Award Category Nominee: Corporate Volunteer Program of the Year – Large Businesses
  • Industry/Sector: National Security / Government
  • Location: Los Alamos, NM
  • VolunteerMatch Member Since: 2006
  • Program Name: Volunteers in Action – LANL Volunteer Program
  • Year Started: Although LANL has had a volunteer program for more than 10 years, it wasn’t until Los Alamos National Security, LLC, took over as the management company that LANL began tracking our employee and retiree’s volunteer hours.  With the VolunteerMatch membership LANL started a formal program to recruit, retain, and reward our volunteers.
  • Number of Eligible Employees in Company: 10,000
  • This number reflects LANL’s current workforce – but the company also has more than 300 retiree volunteers who do not use VolunteerMatch. Their hours are tracked in conjunction with the Los Alamos Retired & Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP).
  • Program Administrator(s): Debra J. Wersonick, LANL Community Giving Specialist 3 (Employee Giving Campaign, Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund, and Volunteer Program lead)
  • Top Accomplishments in 2010:
  • * At the 2010 LANL Volunteer Recognition Event, LANS awarded more than $117,000 to almost 200 nonprofit organizations on behalf of employees.
    * More than 2025 employees and retirees are logging hours (either in VolunteerMatch or with RSVP).
    * Since putting VolunteerMatch in place, LANL volunteers have logged more than 550,000 hours. (either in VolunteerMatch or with RSVP)
    * LANS has donated more than $250,000 to nonprofits on behalf of LANL volunteers.
    * In 2010, LANL’s top employee volunteer logged 1,430 of volunteer service and the top retiree volunteer logged 1,560 hours.
  • Key Nonprofit Partners:
  • United Way of Santa Fe County, United Way of Northern New Mexico, Espanola Valley Humane Society, Los Alamos Retired and Seniors Organization, Boy Scouts of America, Great Southwest Council, Rocky Mountain Division/National Ski Patrol, Trinity on the Hill Church, Columbian Club – Knights of Columbus

Other Finalists:

– Exelon Corporation
– Google
– Morgan Stanley
– UnitedHealth Group

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