CECP’s International Corporate Philanthropy Day, 2/28

International Corporate Philanthropy Day – always the fourth Monday in February each year – is February 28, 2011. Led by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, International Corporate Philanthropy Day is the most important day of the year for corporate philanthropists and an opportunity for purpose-minded business leaders to advocate for corporate-community partnerships and the goals of philanthropy.

International Corporate Philanthropy Day is also the day that CECP holds its annual Board of Boards CEO Conference in New York, plus a host of events including a program with the United Nations to support Its Millennium Development Goals. Not only do many of CECP’s member companies and partners schedule philanthropic initiatives for this day, CECP also helps publicize the events and frame them up for the media as part of a larger global effort.

If you are a CSR practitioner and you’re thinking about how to leverage International Corporate Philanthropy Day to build awareness or participation within your programs, there are several ways to put the day to use.

First, the obvious: Take a moment to tell your story to the media, your team, and your nonprofit partners (they’re more likely to listen on this day).  But you can also devise a campaign to educate stakeholders on where your program fits in with the sector of corporate philanthropy overall. Finally, it’s a great day to convene all your partners and influencers around a thought-leadership activity that will yield results for the rest of the year.

You can learn more about the event here. [Fact Sheet] Don’t forget to share your stories about International Corporate Philanthropy Day with us – we’ll also loop the CECP so they hear what you’re up to.

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    Evans Owiti on February 11, 2011

    helping out others has in it self fulfillment, that generates freshness as of the fresh water water lakes,you will always find an inlet and outlet, so need we to touch other people live by sharing the little & the much that are in our possession, Yes the dead sea is dead because it only has an in let no wander it lacks the freshens so its to our lives too.

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