Webinar Recap from VolunteerMatch: Telling Your Story with Social Media

Our Best Practice Network Webinar series continued this month with a return appearance from employee volunteering consultant Chris Jarvis, co-founder of Realized Worth. This time, Chris explored best practices for telling your volunteer story through the use of social media. Check out the presentation on prezi for an exploration of one of the most popular – and timely – topics in corporate responsibility.

The webinar discussed how companies that are doing great things in their communities can share these often untold stories with the use of social media to inspire customers, motivate employees and earn public respect.

The potential for companies to publicize the story of their community engagement has never been greater thanks to social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Companies, employees and even customers are able to share stories of meaningful community involvement through multiple, dynamic venues.

While policies that discourage employee-led communications about company programs are occasionally to blame, most companies either don’t know how to enable employees to share their engagement stories, or else believe they simply don’t have the time or resources to do it.

While it may not be as easy as starting a blog or sending a few tweets, this webinar, “Employee Volunteers & Social Media: Best Practices in Storytelling for Your Company,” shows viewers that it isn’t as difficult as they may think.

We gathered a few of Chris’ tips and ideas to share with you here (Chris has more tips on this short video):

  • Understanding Social Media: “There is a lot to learn about social media. At first it seems daunting, but everyone learns the same way: by doing. Just as you learned the hidden rules for your ethnicity/class/community/religion, you will learn the rules for social media.”
  • Social Media Manners: “Remember when you were told to say ‘Thank you’ when you were given something or to look both ways when you cross the road? With social media, you’re in a similar process. But thankfully we’re grown-ups now – it’s faster and more intuitive. Plus, social media is basically a virtual extension of the societal rules we all adhere to anyway.”
  • Other Basic Tips: Listen and watch – a lot! Be gracious. Be personable. Engage others and don’t sell stuff!

That’s the kind of real-world advice we like! Be sure to join future webinars to learn more.

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