Student on computer in the grass.We invite you to submit guest posts to Engaging Volunteers so the community of nonprofits at VolunteerMatch can benefit from your knowledge, experience and opinions.


Nonprofit professionals, academics, volunteers who have a message for nonprofits, or anyone with something to say about volunteer recruitment, engagement, and/or management. Note: You are required to have at least some direct experience with volunteerism, volunteer management, or nonprofit management.


  • Opinion pieces, case studies, interviews, how-tos and tip lists, reflections on current and special events, …
  • Please try to limit your guest submissions to approximately 300-500 words.
  • Include with your guest post a 2-line bio of the author.
  • Please send in at least one picture relevant to the post, and if you obtained it from the Internet, include its source so we can publish proper attribution.
  • Links are a great way to join your blog post with the rest of the online blogging community.  Feel free to include links to other relevant posts and materials.
  • We encourage you to include a call to action at the end of the post with a link to further engage the VolunteerMatch nonprofit community.
  • We welcome posts of different media, including slideshows, videos, and anything else that mixes it up a bit.

What NOT?

Engaging Volunteers is not a place for politically-focused pieces, anything overtly promotional, anything with bad language or anything that negatively attacks anyone or any organization.


Please email your post and all requested material to us. If selected, you will receive a response from us within two weeks.

Thank you for contributing to the VolunteerMatch nonprofit community on Engaging Volunteers!