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Write a Guest PostWe invite you to submit guest posts to Engaging Volunteers so the community of nonprofits at VolunteerMatch can benefit from your knowledge, experience and opinions.


Nonprofit professionals, academics, volunteers who have a message for nonprofits, or anyone else with something to say about volunteer recruitment, engagement, and/or management.


  • Opinion pieces, case studies, interviews, how-tos and tip lists, reflections on current and special events, …
  • Please try to limit your guest submissions to approximately 300-500 words.
  • Include with your guest post a 2-line bio of the author.
  • Please send in at least one picture relevant to the post, and if you obtained it from the Internet, include its source so we can publish proper attribution.
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  • We welcome posts of different media, including slideshows, videos, and anything else that mixes it up a bit.

What NOT?

Engaging Volunteers is not a place for politically-focused pieces, anything overtly promotional, anything with bad language or anything that negatively attacks anyone or any organization.


Please email your post and all requested material to us.

Thank you for contributing to the VolunteerMatch nonprofit community on Engaging Volunteers!

32 thoughts on “Write a Guest Post

  1. I want to work in partnership with you in some capacity. I’m fortunate to have one of the largest social media audiences in philanthropy and nonprofit communities. Let’s explore ways as to how I might be able to assist you. Sincerely, Michael Chatman

  2. I really appreciate what you guys do as an organization and I have some ideas about what everyone can do to make an even bigger impact. If every school required their students to do some volunteering, every community would benefit greatly and it would teach the kids about giving back to the community.

  3. Hi Volunteer Match,

    I am a graduate student and I am writing my graduate thesis on volunteers. I am looking at the idea that if a volunteer coordinator does not have good communication with their volunteers, they could be more likely to stop volunteering. It has been reported in research when volunteers don’t understand their roles and boundaries they are likely to leave. Do you have any suggestions or ideas on your web site or others that could be useful in my research.

  4. Greetings. Thanks so much. It is indeed It have been a pleasure to have had this opportunity for the many years as we have. Once again thanks for providing the opportunity. However I am not sure where and to whom I should address this growing issues. 2014.. This is the first year that we have had this problem..The need for administrative virtual services. After many short interviewa with references checked.We made two difference selections for administrave help. We then sent all of our completed work and resources. Need for dead line was also expressed. Today no reply. No follow-up phone call. We are now at a lost and must now seek very costly help. Thanks for your advice.lease

  5. Dear VolunteerMatch,
    You are certainly doing a great job and giving hope to the hopeless; How can we receive volunteers from Volunteermatch to motivate our local youth, men and women in the field of volunteer?
    Our small organization Angels of Hope Organization-Kenya, needs volunteers for needy childrens’ schools as teachers and talent trainers.

    Hope to hear from you.


    • Hi Agnes,

      Thank you for your comment! We are growing globally and are excited to have you as part of our network.

      We are actively promoting our growth in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, but welcome you, wherever you are located. Currently, international listings are visible to the employees of our corporate partners, thousands of whom are seeking new volunteer opportunities around the globe. We may extend the international search tool to our public website in the future.

      To get started, visit http://www.volunteermatch.org/post/register/np/overview.jsp. Just follow the instructions to complete your registration, and we’ll email you if we need any further information.

      Best Regards,
      The VolunteerMatch Team

  6. The Arizona Women’s Partnership is grateful to VolunteerMatch for having provided us with a number of excellent volunteer matches over the years. Some are local while others have been virtual. As an all volunteer non-profit, we can only continue with help from a steady flow of in-kind assistance donated by altruistic individuals. VolunteerMatch is the perfect vehicle to make this happen. THANK YOU …and .. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to guest blog. Can I write about the volunteer opportunities that my club provides to people living in different parts of US?

    • Hi Hina,

      That sounds like an interesting article! This blog is for nonprofit organizations, so if your club provides opportunities for nonprofit professionals to learn about volunteer engagement, that’s a good fit.

      Otherwise, I definitely recommend you post your volunteer needs on VolunteerMatch.org!

      • Thank you very much. My club is already registered with volunteermatch.org . I will be sending in an article soon, especially keeping in mind your previous post on engaging young volunteers. We function in 3 high schools currently.

  8. Hello,
    I am responsible for finding host families for approximately 20 foreign exchange students coming from France and Spain from July 12th 2014-August 1, 2014. If anyone is located in the Sacramento Area and willing to host a student then please notify me at Yvette@americandiscovery.net . I appreciate any suggestions in finding volunteers for this group of kids.

  9. Hello to all, The Rise Foundation is looking for volunteers to assist in event planning, and hostess for our second annual “Breakfast With Santa”, on December 21, in Chicago Illinois. We also are looking for tutors, and Mentors, to service our youth in Englewood age ranges from middle school to high school. if interested in this wonderful event and to find out more about The Rise Foundation follow us on Twitter @rise_foundation, and like us on Facebook, The Rise Foundation Chicago, or simply email us. Our web site is http://www.therisefoundationchicago.org

  10. Hi,

    Im a single parent of 2 wonderful daughters ages 5/8. We would really love to volunteer to help our community, but im semi new to TX and not sure on how to get involved. My daughters are really excited to help others, but at their age it’s hard to find something for all three of us. If anyone has any ideas on where we could volunteer or maybe any websites that can help us find somewhere that would be awesome!

    Thanks :) Michele

  11. May i take this opportunity to thank the organization on the great role of educating volunteers am a Kenyan and a member of good news corps a youth group involved in several community developments as a volunteers i would like to join any organizations that need volunteers to help bring impact on peoples lives thank you very much

  12. My boyfriend and me have just opened up our own website. We want to show people who are interested in volunteering how many opportunities they have. Ourselves we have made some experince in volunteering work..and we experinced big differences between various organizations. For some organization you need to be a millionaire to join their programms. And those programs are made for european business people…not for people how really need help. Why does a volunteer need to pay 3000€ to join some of their programs. You can find very good organization where not everything is about money…
    You will not have discovered a volunteer place by being part of a program only for 2 weeks. You need to stay longer to understand situation and people who life in poverty.

    • “Why does a volunteer need to pay 3000€ to join some of their programs.” I take it you are referring to international volunteering opportunities. There are lots of programs that don’t charge at all, like UN Volunteers, VSO and PeaceCorps. However, these programs require that volunteers have a great deal of expertise and are ready to commit many months, even two years, to their placement – and that’s because that’s what local people themselves off. For programs that charge, they are focused on unskilled people who just want to go for a few weeks – and *someone* has to pay for the travel, security, supervision, food, accommodation, work permits and training for these people, and those costs are a few thousand dollars or pounds. Surely you don’t expect NGOs to shoulder these costs?

  13. hi i would like to ask for help in recruiting volunteersfor our placements and programs am not very computer literate..
    but we need your help,kindly look up our website,
    Best regards
    Simon Waweru

  14. hi, im lexi 13 year old 8th grader at piqua jr high school.I want to help volenteer to work at a nursing home for the elderly,but i cant find any arond my area.Also i dont think thye will let a minor like medo something like that.Any ideas??

    • Hi Lexi,

      Actually, there are probably plenty of ways someone your age can help at a nursing home, even if it’s just to visit with the residents. They love that! You should do a search on VolunteerMatch for “nursing home” using your zip code. If you don’t find any that way, perhaps local churches, synagogues, or other social service organizations know of elderly people at home that would appreciate your help and company. Have fun!

  15. Hello,

    A while back I was listening to a show on Wisconsin Public Radio where you were discussing Citizen Diplomats. I am the President of the Board of Directors for a small international aide organization called One Small Drop. We operate in the 4 small mountain communities in Tanzania and are looking to expand volunteer opportunites to members. I could not find a pod cast or download form of that show. I am very interested in this idea and would love any and all information you could pass along to me.
    Thank you and congratulations on choosing to be a world changer.
    Liza G. Schneider
    One Small Drop

    • Hello,

      I realize this is well…a few years late lol but i was interested in your organization and what it is exactly you do/looking for.

      Thank you,

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