Volunteer drivers make life-changing events possible for Portland, OR residents.

Tell Your Congress Member: Support Tax Relief for Volunteers!

From meal delivery for seniors, to visiting AIDS patients in hospitals, to bringing at-risk kids to the great outdoors, volunteers are literally at the wheel for thousands of nonprofits like yours. And it’s often in their own cars with gas money coming out of their own pockets.

But with gas prices on the rise, it is getting harder and harder for volunteers to afford to help drive for local nonprofits. You may already know all of this! And if so, you may also know that historically, one way volunteers can make getting involved pencil out is to deduct their gas costs. (Here are some other things volunteers can deduct from their taxes.)

But check this out: While your organization can deduct 55 cents per mile that your employees drive, volunteers can only deduct 14 cents per mile for their charitable driving. Even if it’s for the exact same project!

How You Can Help

A lack of tax deductions often prevent otherwise eager volunteers from helping out the millions of people around the nation who are in need. However, the Charitable Driving Tax Relief Act

aims to fix that problem. It would amend the charitable mileage rate to an amount that would actually allow volunteers to effectively contribute their time and compassion.

There are thousands of volunteers out there working with organizations like yours to improve our communities. It’s only right that they receive a little help in doing so. Tell your Congress person to pass the Charitable Driving Tax Relief Act.