People Make the Difference: Explore a Year of Impact

Everyone should have the chance to make a difference – wouldn’t you agree?

That’s why VolunteerMatch makes it easier for people to connect with the causes they care about.

Explore the 2013 VolunteerMatch Annual Impact Report

To take a look at how far we have come, it is a pleasure to share with you VolunteerMatch’s Annual Impact Report – a graphic look at people and causes, like your organization, who are making a difference.

Last year was an important time for us: we re-launched with a one-of-a-kind recommendations engine, overhauled our workplace group management services, ventured onto your mobile phone, and pushed our entire technical infrastructure into the cloud.

And it worked. The improvements helped us power almost a billion dollars’ worth of volunteer service in 2013. And together, we can do even more.

Don’t worry, we’ll dive into each of the sections of this awesome infographic in detail, but for now, enjoy exploring the impact we made together last year – and join in as we create impact in 2014 that exceeds all expectations.

Click here to explore the 2013 VolunteerMatch Annual Impact Report!

VolunteerMatch Now Connects Nonprofits Directly to 300 Million Skilled Volunteers

As of this week, every skilled volunteer opportunity on gets automatically posted to LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace.
VolunteerMatch and LinkedIn have partnered to build a technology bridge to the future of skilled volunteering.

Here’s some big news for your nonprofit: VolunteerMatch has created a game-changing partnership with LinkedIn to help you recruit the right skilled volunteers. Together, we’re changing the way people connect with your organization to volunteer their time and expertise.

A joint team of product managers and engineers worked together to build a “technology bridge,” so that all skilled volunteer opportunities posted to will now automatically be posted to LinkedIn, as well. And now it will be dramatically easier for your organization to successfully recruit skilled volunteers and board members.

So far, skilled opportunities also posted to LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace have seen 2-3 times as many sign-ups from interested volunteers – and we expect this trend to continue growing!

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • When you create a listing in VolunteerMatch and specify a skill, we will “auto-magically” share it on your Company page on LinkedIn. Simply enter your LinkedIn Company URL after you’ve posted your listing. (Don’t worry, if we don’t know your Company page or you don’t have one, your listing will display as part of VolunteerMatch on LinkedIn.)
  • Volunteers will still sign up for your listing on VolunteerMatch, so you’ll still find out about interested volunteers the same way you always have.

Want to learn more about engaging skilled volunteers? Join us for a free webinar about how best to integrate skilled volunteers into your existing program!

As always, please share your thoughts about how this opportunity can be helpful to you by emailing

And now, head to, post your skilled volunteer opportunities, and get ready for some great skilled volunteers!

Nonprofit Boot Camp, Reinvented

Nonprofit Boot Camp, ReinventedThis year’s Nonprofit Boot Camp conference is going to be different from what we’re used to – and that’s a good thing. As a long-time partner of the conference’s organizer, Social Media for Nonprofits, we appreciate how important (and difficult) it can be to honestly evaluate a project and make necessary changes. But we think the changes made to Boot Camp this year are all awesome.

In general, the focus will shift away from organization-specific content, to provide programming for individuals in the organization. Top speakers will share insights and tools that help social change leaders rediscover balance, gain a new perspective, and think differently about their work.

Boot Camp takes place in Silicon Valley on June 10th, and San Francisco on October 2nd. But by following the hashtag #npbc14, anyone can learn from the great discussions that will happen, no matter where you’re located. Social Media for Nonprofits and Nonprofit Boot Camp return to Silicon Valley and San Francisco in 2014.

Conference Highlights

Ask the Experts: One-On-One Coaching Presented by VolunteerMatch

We are thrilled to be organizing this year’s Ask the Experts mentoring sessions. After all, it’s our business to connect folks with great volunteer opportunities, and the experts this year are itching to give their time and knowledge to help other nonprofit leaders. Get one-on-one coaching from practitioners and consultants on your specific problems in fundraising, marketing and communications and strategy. There are limited spots available, so sign up now to secure your spot!

Massage Presented by National Holistic Institute

Take the edge off with a 20-minute chair massage by therapists from National Holistic Institute.

Mindfulness, Balance and Clarity!

There will be time and space in the programming to talk about balance, mindfulness, and gaining clarity. It has significant benefits for your health, efficacy in your work and your ability to truly meet your mission. Megan Keane, Membership Director of NTEN and an avid Yogi, will lead us all into thinking about embracing failure, collaboration, creativity and more.

Professional Headshots

Are your LinkedIn and website photos from your high school graduation? Or maybe you’re part of the selfie craze? Have our professional photographer take a portrait and give your professional presence on various social platforms a makeover! First come first served.

Don’t Forget: Social Media for Nonprofits!

Whether you attend Nonprofit Boot Camp or not (although we hope you do!), Social Media for Nonprofits will be happening one day later. This is the premier event dedicated to social media for social good. Attend Social Media for Nonprofits, and it will surely be the best one-day investment you make this year. (Plus, our very own Shari Ilsen – that’s me – will be speaking!)

Silicon Valley folks, we hope to see you at Nonprofit Boot Camp and Social Media for Nonprofits! For the rest of you, click here to let us know you’d like to be notified of upcoming events in your area.

How Writing a Volunteer Listing is Like Being in Grade School

When posting volunteer listings on VolunteerMatch, spelling and grammar matter!Don’t worry – this isn’t a long list. But there is one important similarity between creating volunteer listings in VolunteerMatch to connect with great volunteers, and grade school: Spelling and grammar matter.

Engaging volunteers in your work is all about cutting through the noise that busy, ambitious people see every day and getting them to read your listing, and click that “I want to help” button. By posting on VolunteerMatch you are beginning a new relationship with potential volunteers, and the volunteer listing is the first impression. We all know how important first impressions are.

100% of listings with no connections had spelling errors, and 80% had grammar mistakes.

To build a strong, healthy relationship with a new volunteer that can grow and last, (and really, to even get the volunteer to work with you to begin with,) you need to present your organization and yourself as dependable, authentic and organized. The volunteer needs to believe that the work they do with you will have the best possible impact for the cause they care about.

So it makes sense, then, that a listing with spelling and grammar mistakes will decrease the confidence potential volunteers have in your organization. In case you don’t believe me, here are some numbers:

A few years ago we reviewed 100 random listings with no volunteer connections. Of those 100 listings, 100% of them had spelling errors and 80% had grammar mistakes. That’s a pretty big coincidence…

So as you sit down to post your volunteer listings on VolunteerMatch, remember to spend the extra 10 seconds and use that “spell check” function. I guarantee it will make a difference and draw more volunteers to your organization – and then you can all make a bigger difference together.

Get Even More of a Good Thing: Sign Up for Free Access to Cutting-Edge On-Demand Training

Get free access to nonprofit training from VolunteerMatch and the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation.We promised we’d be back with more opportunities to get free access to cutting-edge on-demand trainings, and we always keep our promises!

So today we re-launch our awesome partnership with the Cornerstone OnDemand FoundationWe formed this partnership to provide VolunteerMatch training content to nonprofits through the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation’s Gift of Learning program.

And now, once again, we are giving 500 nonprofits the key to a training treasure trove absolutely free.

The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation is a nonprofit organization formed by global cloud-based talent management leader Cornerstone OnDemand. The Gift of Learning program leverages Cornerstone OnDemand’s state-of-the-art learning technology to create an online career development tool that provides nonprofit employees and volunteers with access to a free collection of e-learning and other training resources provided by industry experts.

Through this portal you can have access to a customized curriculum that supports the most common job families in the nonprofit sector: Fundraising, Leadership, Accounting and Finance, Operations, Marketing and Communications, Volunteer Engagement, and Program Management.

All you have to do is fill out the form below. If your nonprofit is among the first 500 to respond, you can choose up to ten employees to access the online library of trainings and resources for three months, absolutely free. (If you can’t see the form below, click here to fill out the form on the web.)

Once 500 organizations respond, the offer is closed – so don’t procrastinate! If your organization is chosen to participate, you will receive a welcome email directly from the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation within a few weeks.

Some fine print: Your organization must have 501(c )(3) tax exempt status to qualify. Once 500 nonprofits have responded to this offer, requests for additional access may be considered.

(If you can’t see the form below, click here to fill out the form on the web.)