Why and How VolunteerMatch Works with Sponsors

Keep your remote employees in the volunteering loop.Yes, VolunteerMatch works with sponsors. It’s a good thing that helps us do even more good in the world. Over the past couple of years we have tested out ways to help companies, brands and other nonprofit organizations get their special messages in front of our massive membership of dedicated do-gooders. In exchange, these sponsoring groups help support VolunteerMatch.

You might have seen this sponsored content on the side of VolunteerMatch.org while you update your nonprofit’s listings, sign up for a webinar, or search for a volunteer opportunity. You also could see a sponsored message in an email or newsletter, and in one of your Opportunity Alert emails we send to you.

Aren’t We Selling Out?

We really don’t think so. As any nonprofit knows, it takes money to do good – and VolunteerMatch is no exception. You might already know about how we help companies run successful employee volunteer programs. This work not only further fulfills our mission of connecting good people and good causes by exposing your organization’s opportunities to large populations of corporate volunteers, it also helps support the free services we provide for nonprofits and volunteers.

Sponsorship is one more way to do that – it gets important messages about social good and giving back in front of nonprofits and volunteers, and helps support the VolunteerMatch organization and network so we can continue to provide free services and better support.

Our Promise to You

It’s important to us that the sponsored content and ideas we present to you are well aligned with the mission and values of VolunteerMatch; we want them to be important to you, just like you are important to us. If you ever feel the messages we present to you from our sponsors are not in line with the VolunteerMatch spirit, let us know!

In the end, we’re all here to make a difference, and the sponsors we work with help us do that. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments!

Want to Join In?

We know why sponsorship is great for VolunteerMatch and for nonprofits and volunteers who care about doing good, and it can also be beneficial for your initiatives – walkathons, unique volunteering projects, etc. We are engagement experts and our members want to take action. The VolunteerMatch network is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to all of you: we had 12 million visits to the website in 2013, and 2014 is shaping up to be even better. Hundreds of thousands of people get our emails each month.

With millions of members, we are a trusted resource and destination for anyone who cares about getting involved in their community. Where better to put messages about your projects and efforts?

We’ve got a bunch of different, flexible opportunities for you to share your organization’s message with the perfect audience, inspire more people to get out and make a difference, and support VolunteerMatch’s work.

Interested in sponsorship options at VolunteerMatch? Get in touch!

Was VolunteerMatch Affected by the Heartbleed Issue?

Was VolunteerMatch affected by the Heartbleed issue?On Monday April 7, we (along with many other Web services) received notification of a widespread internet security issue – called Heartbleed, impacting the popular OpenSSL technology – and we moved quickly to respond.

We began testing the fix on Monday morning and applied the changes to our production environment Tuesday afternoon. We have verified that the exploitable bug has been fixed.

The servers impacted by Heartbleed do not store user information, and since we were able to close the gap quickly, it is unlikely that this had a security impact on our users.

To be extra vigilant, this is a good time to choose a strong new password for your account and remember to change it often! We’ve made it a priority to take all the steps necessary to keep your data secure.

To update your account information, including your password, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in and access your organization’s dashboard at www.volunteermatch.org/post
  2. Click ‘Manage Personal Account’ on the left side of page.
  3. Choose ‘Edit Personal Profile.’
  4. Make any desired changes and click ‘Continue.’

If you also change your email address, please make sure to check your inbox for a request to verify your new email address.

Don’t worry, we’re taking care of you and your information, but you can help out by changing your password often!

Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the VolunteerMatch network! Here's what happens after your nonprofit organization joins to recruit and engage volunteers.Congratulations! You just registered as a nonprofit on VolunteerMatch.org. You’re now part of a rapidly growing network of close to 100,000 organizations that have realized the value of engaging volunteers through our network.

What now?


Good question – here’s what happens next, once the honeymoon is over and the good stuff really begins…

We Vet You

Believe me, this is a good thing. Our crackerjack team of nonprofit community support folks checks each new organization that joins VolunteerMatch to make sure they are truly doing the good work they say they are. With tools like GuideStar to help, this rarely takes more than a day, and ensures that the nonprofits and listings in our system are real and wonderful. It’s a major way we fulfill our commitment to accountability, transparency and quality.

We Support You

Not sure how to post a new listing? Confused by a message you got from us? Wondering where the volunteers are? Just want to chat? So do we. Support for the nonprofits in our network is a major priority for us. Whenever you have a question or a problem, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll get back to you very quickly.

We Teach You

It’s not just about the tools, though. Successful volunteer engagement is a complicated career skill, and we know that in order to truly make a difference we need to help nonprofits learn how to do this better. Our Learning Center is your hub for learning how to be awesome at volunteer engagement. We’ve got free webinars, downloadable resources, books and websites. Definitely something to explore during your professional development/coffee time.

We Connect You

Finally, joining VolunteerMatch means being connected to a huge community of nonprofits, volunteers and companies focused on giving time and doing good. Follow our blog, join the conversations on Facebook and LinkedIn, keep up with news via Twitter, and get inspired on Instagram.

We’re so happy to have you as a member of VolunteerMatch! Good luck engaging volunteers, and keep up the great work!

Exploring Our Impact: Top 10 Causes to Help You Recruit Top Volunteers

With the release this summer of the 2012 VolunteerMatch Impact Report, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most important outcomes of our work in 2012. Read the whole series here.

How does VolunteerMatch do it? How do we connect nonprofits with the exact volunteers you need in such a great, well, match?

Here’s our secret: We focus on what you really need, and what the volunteers really care about. When you indicate a specific “cause” or “interest area” for your volunteer listing, it can then be matched to the causes indicated by an individual on his or her Volunteer Profile.

The Popular Crowd

In the recently released 2012 VolunteerMatch Impact Report we revealed the Top 10 Causes on VolunteerMatch – these are the areas that have the most volunteer listings.

The top 10 most popular causes for volunteer listings on VolunteerMatch.

  1. Community
  2. Children & Youth
  3. Education & Literacy
  4. Health & Medicine
  5. Senior
  6. Environment
  7. Arts & Culture
  8. Women
  9. Homeless & Housing
  10. Sports & Recreation

This list looks a whole lot like last year’s list. New faces include Environment in the #5 spot, and Sports & Recreation edging its way in at #10. These newcomers bumped out Advocacy & Human Rights and Disabled.

Considering the fact that there are currently over 80,000 opportunities in the VolunteerMatch network, there’s plenty of room for all 29 cause categories, and many more.

Still, kudos to environmental nonprofits and sports & recreation organizations for some stellar volunteer recruiting. Maybe all of these listings are evidence of a renewed zeal for the outdoors!

Make sure your organization’s volunteer opportunities have causes attached, so you can connect with the best volunteers for your work!

5 Awesome But Overlooked VolunteerMatch Resources

Don't forget about these 5 great but often overlooked resources that VolunteerMatch provides for nonprofits for volunteer engagement.Sure, VolunteerMatch helps hundreds of thousands of organizations find the volunteers they need for free each day. Sure, we make over a hundred connections between volunteers and nonprofits per hour. But this isn’t all we do.

To make sure your volunteer engagement efforts are successful, long-lasting, and make a big difference in your work, we also provide a bunch of extra tools and resources to help you engage, manage, appreciate and retain your volunteers. Often in the crazy hoopla that is volunteer engagement, these added “bonus” services are overlooked.

Check out these 5 awesome VolunteerMatch resources, and don’t forget they’re here next time you’re looking for some extra help!

Community Leader Premium Service

The added features in this upgraded nonprofit account include custom greetings and questions, document sending, and other time savers. The entire package is only about $9 per month, so if you’re looking to put some extra oomph behind your volunteer engagement, this is a great option.

VolunteerMatch Learning Center

This is your hub for learning all about volunteer engagement. Sign up for dozens of free webinars on all sorts of practical topics, download research and insights reports, watch tutorials on how best to use VolunteerMatch, and much, much more.

Social Sharing Options

Whenever you post a volunteer opportunity on VolunteerMatch, you have the ability to easily share it with your social networks – with one click. We’ve even pre-written the messages for you. So make sure your organization’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn crowds know that there’s a new way for them to get involved – and who knows, you might just connect with someone who’s never even heard of you!

Nonprofit and Volunteer Story Archives

We love hearing about how nonprofits and volunteers are working together to make the world a better place. In fact, we love it so much, we publish special articles spotlighting VolunteerMatch nonprofits and volunteers. Browse through past stories to find inspiration for you and your volunteers, and share your own story with us.

Opportunity Alerts

Yes, technically this is a feature for volunteers, not nonprofits. However, these personalized email alerts delivered directly to you can be a great way to learn how other organizations are recruiting volunteers using VolunteerMatch, and could inspire you to step up your engagement.

Besides, you might find your perfect match to get out of the office and do some volunteering yourself! The email alerts are customized based on the skills and cause areas you specify in your Volunteer Profile. To access, sign in to VolunteerMatch.org and click on “Your Profile” in the “Volunteers” section of the site.

Want to get more tips for engaging great volunteers sent to you each month? Sign up for our Nonprofit Newsletter by filling out the form in the sidebar at right (we won’t use this info for anything except sending you volunteer engagement-related stuff).