Thinking…Bigger about Skilled Volunteering for Nonprofits

Our recent announcement of a new partnership to automatically post all skilled volunteer listings from the VolunteerMatch network to LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace has shed a serious spotlight on the importance and potential of skilled volunteering. Check out this special series of posts exploring skilled volunteering as a category, a strategy, and, of course, an inspiration for greater impact.

Thinking bigger about skilled volunteering, now with LinkedIn and VolunteerMatch.

When I first got wind late in 2013 that LinkedIn was launching a Volunteer Marketplace in the New Year, I sighed. Out loud. VolunteerMatch is a volunteer marketplace.

We’ve seen this before. In fact, there are new websites, apps, services, etc. popping up all the time. Some are awesome. Some are not.

And despite my audible sighs, I actually love hearing about them all. It pushes us to think differently and to challenge our own assumptions about the VolunteerMatch approach.

There’s more to it, though: a big part of our future takes place outside the walls of VolunteerMatch, and our ability to work with other systems will continue to be very important to our growth. Read more about the past and future development of VolunteerMatch here.

And LinkedIn is big. 300+million-members-big.

So, I paid close attention to the reasons LinkedIn was creating this marketplace. I listened as they shared their partnership plan – and how they were looking to partners to help them build out their vision of connecting their members to skilled opportunities in communities around the country (to start).

This is big for VolunteerMatch. Big because it showcases how amazing our nonprofits are. Big because it illustrates how the right partnerships can create a new game.

So, we got to work.

People haven’t traditionally thought of VolunteerMatch as a place where skilled volunteering is taking place. And now they do. The reality is that, every day, people are finding projects that tap their skills and nonprofits are learning how to think creatively about their volunteers.

Today we have over 6,000 skilled listings and an array of resources that has helped to continually grow that number.

We are the most powerful volunteer engagement network on the Web and are only getting stronger. Tactically, we’ve got the most skilled listings, sure. But strategically, we can shape the future of skilled volunteering together with partners like LinkedIn. And that’s a big idea.

Already we’re seeing increases in the connections because of this partnership—VolunteerMatch lisings shared on LinkedIn are likely to see 2-3x the sign-ups as those not shared. And with the announcement of our partnership, we expect the number of skilled listings to continue to grow.

We’re also ramping up our trainings for nonprofits to make sure they have the resources to easily take advantage of this opportunity. And our corporate partners are thrilled to have even more skilled opportunities to share with their employees.

So thanks, LinkedIn. Personally, for helping me think…even bigger. And also for being our partner in building an amazing future for skilled volunteering and the causes that benefit from it.

Read more about how engaging skilled volunteers can help your nonprofit organization – and how to do it successfully.

Post on right now to engage skilled volunteers for your organization!

VolunteerMatch Now Connects Nonprofits Directly to 300 Million Skilled Volunteers

As of this week, every skilled volunteer opportunity on gets automatically posted to LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace.
VolunteerMatch and LinkedIn have partnered to build a technology bridge to the future of skilled volunteering.

Here’s some big news for your nonprofit: VolunteerMatch has created a game-changing partnership with LinkedIn to help you recruit the right skilled volunteers. Together, we’re changing the way people connect with your organization to volunteer their time and expertise.

A joint team of product managers and engineers worked together to build a “technology bridge,” so that all skilled volunteer opportunities posted to will now automatically be posted to LinkedIn, as well. And now it will be dramatically easier for your organization to successfully recruit skilled volunteers and board members.

So far, skilled opportunities also posted to LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace have seen 2-3 times as many sign-ups from interested volunteers – and we expect this trend to continue growing!

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • When you create a listing in VolunteerMatch and specify a skill, we will “auto-magically” share it on your Company page on LinkedIn. Simply enter your LinkedIn Company URL after you’ve posted your listing. (Don’t worry, if we don’t know your Company page or you don’t have one, your listing will display as part of VolunteerMatch on LinkedIn.)
  • Volunteers will still sign up for your listing on VolunteerMatch, so you’ll still find out about interested volunteers the same way you always have.

Want to learn more about engaging skilled volunteers? Join us for a free webinar about how best to integrate skilled volunteers into your existing program!

As always, please share your thoughts about how this opportunity can be helpful to you by emailing

And now, head to, post your skilled volunteer opportunities, and get ready for some great skilled volunteers!

Helping You Connect with Volunteers Who Want to Make a Bigger Impact in Social Service

Does your organization work for the causes of families, child welfare, healthcare, mental health, or crisis support? Are you looking for volunteers who are passionate about helping in these areas?

Helping Nonprofits Connect with Volunteers Who Want to Make a Bigger Impact in Social Service

Yeah, we thought so. We think you’ll love a new partnership we’ve cooked up with the folks at the MSW@USC. We’re really excited about it!

You may have heard about this online Masters in Social Work degree program in previous emails, newsletters and blog posts from us, but this new partnership is different: It’s a way to connect more volunteers with organizations like yours, to make a bigger impact in social services. We’ve even got a cool new Volunteering & Social Work page for you to explore and share with your supporters!

New partnership between VolunteerMatch and USC School of Social Work helps nonprofits connect with volunteers who want to make an impact in social service.

Check out the interactive map that includes volunteering needs and opportunities across the U.S. and in your own community, or view an infographic showcasing some fun facts about how much people volunteer, where and why. You can also access information about how your volunteers can expand their passion for helping others into an actual career.

We hope this partnership with the USC School of Social Work will help you connect with passionate, talented volunteers to help your cause and make your community even stronger.

Check out the new page now, and share it with your supporters!

Everydayhero: The Next Generation of Online Giving Integrates with VolunteerMatch

Everydayhero: The Next Generation of Online Giving Integrates with VolunteerMatchWhen we decide to do something at VolunteerMatch, we jump all the way in. Case in point: Our recent announcement about building a global volunteer engagement network. Not only are we “going global” by building networks of nonprofits and volunteers in other countries, we’re also welcoming great social good tools and resources from elsewhere into the U.S.

One of our newest partners is everydayhero, an innovative online giving service from Blackbaud. Just recently arrived in the United States by way of Australia, everydayhero moves beyond traditional fundraising and crowdfunding services to offer a holistic giving experience that not only enables people to fundraise, but also track and view all the activity that goes into supporting the causes they love.

See It All in One Place

See you entire Giving Footprint in one place on everydayhero to view the full scale of your impact.These days, donors are volunteers are donors. As nonprofits, we know the key is to build a dedicated, excited community of supporters that gives to our organization in multiple ways. Everydayhero provides a platform for your supporters to see their impact on a cause in a bunch of different ways, not just by donating.

What’s especially smart about this new platform is that it’s integrated with already existing tools to make the experience a well-connected part of users’ lives. Information is aggregated from Twitter, Facebook, VolunteerMarch, and MapMyFitness to create a unique Giving Footprint™ that grows over time.

Share everydayhero with your volunteers to help them realize the impact they're having.

How You Fit In

VolunteerMatch is excited that everydayhero is integrating our network to seamlessly track all of the hours spent volunteering and giving back. The platform also shows users more ways to volunteer in their communities for the causes they love.

So what does this mean for your organization?

Basically, just keep up the great work! Technology partnerships like this one with everydayhero enable VolunteerMatch to get your listings in front of even more great volunteers. So the more listings you post, the more your exposure to new supporters will increase – exponentially.

Share everydayhero with your volunteers to help them realize the impact of their work. And don’t forget to post your volunteer opportunities to VolunteerMatch!

Miss International 2013’s Favorite Volunteering Story

VolunteerMatch has partnered with Miss International 2013 – the dedicated and dynamic Jesse Ladoue – to promote volunteering and civic engagement.

In this video, Jesse reminisces about one of her favorite volunteer experiences, when she was working with Special Olympics athletes. She recalls how personally meaningful it was for her to be able to connect with such amazing people.

Do you know your volunteers’ favorite stories from their time with you? Why don’t you ask them and share with your community!

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