Is VM Summit 16 Right for You?

Should I attend VM Summit 16You may have already heard of VM Summit 16. This unique conference, brought to you by VolunteerMatch, brings companies and nonprofits together in one place to collaborate on how to create better, more impactful partnerships, while harnessing the power of corporate volunteering.

But you may still be wondering, “Is VM Summit 16 right for me?”

To answer that question, start by asking yourself this: “Am I responsible for any of the following at my company or nonprofit?”

  • Running my nonprofit’s volunteer program
  • Managing my nonprofit’s corporate partnerships.
  • Employee engagement and culture
  • Managing my company’s employee volunteer program

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then it’s time to ask yourself one more question: “Am I interested in any of the following?”

  • Connecting with, and learning from, others who have similar responsibilities at their companies or organizations
  • Understanding what corporate volunteers can offer my nonprofit
  • Growing my nonprofit’s volunteer program to better accommodate corporate volunteers
  • Understanding what nonprofits actually want from my company’s corporate volunteer program
  • Increasing volunteerism at my company
  • Learning how to communicate and manage expectations during my present (or future) corporate-nonprofit partnerships to best meet both of our needs—and the needs of our communities!

If you answered “yes” again, then VM Summit 16 is absolutely right for you. Join over a hundred other professionals who would also answer “yes” to the above in Chicago, IL on October 25, 2016.

Get your ticket today.

VolunteerMatch’s Guide to 17NTC Session Voting

VolunteerMatch’s Guide to 17NTC Session VotingIn case you missed it, the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) announced their 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference (17NTC)—the nonprofit sector’s signature technology event. Held from March 23-March 25, 2017 in Washington, DC., the conference will house over 100 educational and collaborative sessions for nonprofit representatives and volunteer program managers.

The best part? NTEN is asking people—like you and me—to help determine the agenda for 17NTC by voting on topics for sessions you’d want to attend. What makes this news even better? You’re allowed to vote for as many sessions as you’d like! You can even search by keyword, for example, “volunteer”, to ensure volunteer engagement topics find their way to the agenda.

Out of over 500 proposals, Bree von Faith, Senior Marketing Manager, Tess Srebro, Marketing Manager, and Basil Sadiq, Marketing Associate at VolunteerMatch, hand-picked our 12 favorites, including 4 submitted by VolunteerMatch. We hope you’ll join us in voting for these sessions to ensure they make it into the agenda!

Can’t attend 17NTC? You should still vote! After the conference, you’ll be able to view session recordings, discussion and resources and collaborative notes from past sessions.

Bree’s Favorites | 17NTC Session Proposals

  1. [VOTE] Analytics Makes the Difference! | How to Use Data to Find Supporters
    Why Bree Likes It: What if you could predict how many volunteers were going to sign-up for your cause or how much money you would bring in through your largest fundraiser, with 99.95% accuracy? It’s possible: through data analytics; a combination of data, modeling and intuition.This session will teach you to think like a data scientist—without years of training—so you can glean insights from both your internal and external data that can then be applied to any marketing, fundraising or program challenge you’re facing. Techniques in this session have helped nonprofits determine the right donor levels for their fundraisers, the best way to market to potential volunteers, optimal pricing for program events, member renewal potential and more!
  2. [VOTE] Are You Techno-Stuck? How to Engage Pro Bono Volunteers to Get The Expertise You Need
    Why Bree Likes It: You just learned about technology options for your nonprofit, and you think “Great, I’m so excited to begin! But how can we start implementing within our current resources?” Engaging pro bono volunteers might be the right way to go.Here at VolunteerMatch, we’re aware of what it takes to host a technology platform built for success. And we understand, that many times, nonprofits aren’t able to perfect their vision due to constraints. This session plans to introduce a helpful outline for engaging pro bono volunteers to help with your organization’s technology needs. You’ll learn techniques for writing an effective pro bono job description, scaling your program, aligning current staff needs and more.
  3. [VOTE] Made Not Born: Women as Technology Leaders
    Why Bree Likes It: “I dedicate my free time to developing the potential of girls and women in our communities. Learning how to code and perform data analytics while being in master’s classes with more men than women highlighted the gap for me on a personal level.”Did you know women make up a small percentage of executives and computer engineers in both corporate technology companies and nonprofit IT departments? This sessions significance is unparalleled: it could help both men and women understand the challenges women face in technology leadership, and provide tips for overcoming them.
  4. [VOTE] Tech for Good Show and Tell: A Crowdsourced Session
    Why Bree Likes It: “I love the idea of bringing crowdsourcing to life at this conference. This session bridges the online and in-person narrative (i.e. bringing an online, technology-driven idea—“crowdsourcing”—through to an in-person, collaborative experience) while having the potential for some great takeaways.”Participants in this session will be given up to 5 minutes to share one tool they use that is valuable in their nonprofit life. Any 17NTC attendee will have the opportunity to share something they know well—something that has empowered their work—in exchange for first-hand insight and feedback from like-minded professionals.

Tess’ Favorites | 17NTC Session Proposals

  1. [VOTE] Amplify Your Mission with Volunteer Engagement
    Why Tess Likes It: It’s becoming increasingly important to tell the story of volunteer impact on social media. In fact, sharing your mission may be becoming more complex each day: social media algorithms, marketing buzzwords, pay-to-play digital ads, Google search changes—there’s a lot to keep tabs on!This session will highlight ways volunteers can amplify your message, helping your cause rise above the noise. You’ll have the opportunity to learn best practices in providing social proof to others looking to volunteer or donate to your organization and unleash the power of your social media followers by identifying your “volunteer ambassadors.”
  2. [VOTE] How to Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Social Media Collaboration
    Why Tess Likes It: “This is a topic I’ve seen organizations struggle with firsthand. It can also be relevant to volunteer managers who don’t ‘hold the keys’ to the social media accounts, but want to promote their program.”This session will help you delegate and empower others in your organization to take charge of content production and social sharing. You’ll hear stories on how others have succeeded when they let collaborators pitch in, and how to make the case for a more encompassing approach to social media at your nonprofit.
  3. [VOTE] Becoming Agile: How to Adapt the Agile Methodology for Your Nonprofit
    Why Tess Likes It: The “Agile” method helps organizations break down projects into smaller “stories”, prioritizing them, and then continuously delivering them to launch new initiatives faster than before. The VolunteerMatch Marketing team recently adopted this method as part of our strategy, and it’s been working incredibly well for us (so far).Tools acquired from attending this session will help you increase transparency, visibility and collaboration within your team, while learning the basics of the agile process to develop and implement programs and initiatives.
  4. [VOTE] The Changing World of Volunteer Engagement (And How You Can Keep Up!)
    Why Tess Likes It: Volunteer engagement is changing (and technology is playing a big role). Is your volunteer program taking advantage of new tools and trends in the space? In this session, you’ll learn how to “modernize” your volunteer program, and in turn, allow it to grow and thrive.By the end of this session, you would have discovered options for free (or affordable) volunteer management and volunteer recruitment technology systems, best practices to streamline volunteer interviews and onboarding techniques using technology for measuring and sharing your volunteers’ impact.

Basil’s Favorites | 17NTC Session Proposals

  1. [VIDEO] Driving Engagement Through Live Video
    Why I Like It: Did you know that people spend three times longer watching live video compared to video which is not live on Facebook? And video posts on Facebook—in general—have a 135% greater chance of reaching your audience, compared to posts with photos.This session will help attendees learn how to use new social media tools—such as Facebook Live or Periscope—to increase cause awareness and drive engagement. You’ll hear a diverse panel of nonprofit implementers explore the use of technologies like Facebook Live, through case studies, outlining best practices and lessons learned.
  2. [VOTE] How to Maximize Your Giving Tuesday Haul
    Why I Like It: Giving Tuesday is approaching fast, and this one day has the potential to help you raise the most money for your charity in under 24 hours. If current trends continue, organizations could see gains of 40% or more over 2016’s Giving Tuesday.By attending this session, you’ll learn how to build a coordinated, multi-channel digital campaign that leverages email, social media, web, display advertising and automated marketing to maximize engagement and revenue. Digital fundraising staff from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) will be present to help answer questions, and share tips and insights from EDF’s previous Giving Tuesday campaigns, including 2016 campaign.
  3. Virtual Volunteering: Novelty or Necessity?
    Why I Like It: NTC sessions are often technical in nature—they highlight topics that cover how nonprofits can utilize technology to accomplish their work. This workshop, however, centers around people—specifically volunteers who want to contribute to an organization by providing their services online.Virtual volunteering has gotten a good amount of attention, but there is still widespread skepticism. This session gives an overview of virtual volunteering, and provides tips for making IT-related volunteer roles more effective.
  4. [VOTE] Technology Project Management Crash Course
    Why I Like It: Project management might sound easy—until you try coordinating a project without understanding basic project management principles. The Project Management Institute offers certifications starting at $300.00, but this session helps provide a crash course on project management fundamentals for (almost) free.Leverage this opportunity to discuss approaches for measuring project success, and walk away with a free project charter template to use on your next project!

Is your favorite session not mentioned on our list? Share it with us in the comments below.

Make Time for Collaboration | VM Summit 16

Now is the perfect time to register for VM Summit 16.

Why? Early bird registration rates end July 1, 2016. That’s this Friday.

After July 1st, ticket prices will increase by $75 each. Save your nonprofit (or company) a little cash and register now.

You may be asking, “Why should I attend VM Summit 16?


Collaboration at the 2013 VolunteerMatch Summit

We’re glad you asked! By coming together to form effective partnerships, nonprofits and companies have the collective power to create real change in their communities and world. But what makes an effective partnership? There are many opinions out there — most of them fueled by what the “other side” should be doing.

Imagine what would happen if both sides of the equation came together in one room to work through common issues that occur through corporate/ nonprofit partnerships. And imagine engaging in collaborative and empathic conversations that help you find out what the “other side” really wants and needs.

That’s VM Summit 16. VM Summit 16 will bring corporate social responsibility (CSR), employee engagement and nonprofit professionals face-to-face to learn how to create impactful partnerships that best engage corporate volunteers.

Still want to know more?

Browse the event agenda to see our many opportunities for conversation and collaboration. And read about the vision for VM Summit 16, straight from the Summit’s event manager.

Don’t forget: register by Friday, July 1st lock in early bird rates!

Have questions about VM Summit 16? Reach out to us at

Meet the VM Summit 16 Keynote Speakers

VolunteerMatch’s annual conference — VM Summit 16 — brings together nonprofits and companies to work toward a common goal: More impactful partnerships. For more information, check out this press release which announces the upcoming event.

We are thrilled to introduce two talented speakers who will keynote VM Summit 16: Lisa Dietlin and Jay Klauminzer.

Lisa Dietlin, VM Summit 16 Speaker

Lisa Dietlin, President & CEO, The Institute of Transformational Philanthropy

Lisa Dietlin represents the nonprofit sector as an internationally recognized expert on philanthropy, charitable giving, and transformational change. She also founded The Institute of Transformational Philanthropy.

Lisa’s decades-long experience in the fundraising and nonprofit space, groundbreaking research on giving patterns, and influential ideas on transformational philanthropy have led her to become one of the most trusted philanthropic advisors in the nation.

Lisa is also the author of four books about charitable giving and enacting positive change. In her work, Lisa provides expert advice and structured counsel to entrepreneurial individuals and nonprofit organizations, helping them develop strategies that facilitate transformational philanthropy, charitable giving, and measurable impact.

At VM Summit 16, Lisa will be discussing her new book, I Got Hit By A Taxi, But You Look Run Over, which is literally about how getting hit by a taxi driver changed her perspective on life, and specifically, work-life balance.

Jay Klauminzer, VM Summit 16 Keynote Speaker

Jay Klauminzer, VP of Sales and Merchant Operations & Employee Volunteer Program’s Executive Sponsor, Groupon

As a VP at Groupon, Jay comes to us from the other side of the table — the corporate side. In this role, Jay is responsible for driving quality supply into the marketplace, including building and supporting the sales teams, and making sure merchants are happy and engaged once they’re in the marketplace.

Prior to Groupon, Jay was an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, where he led their Customer Care Practice in North America.

At VM Summit 16, Jay will share stories of how local communities are becoming increasingly connected, and tips for building networks of impact. He will also discuss Groupon’s community work through stories that reflect Groupon’s corporate mission: to grow their love of Local commerce and build networks of impact.

Get your ticket for VM Summit 16 now to lock in early-bird pricing, which ends July 1, 2016.

For questions, please contact You can also stay up-to-date online with #VMSummit16.

VM Summit 16 to Bring Good Companies and Causes Together in Chicago, IL

Many companies encourage their employees to volunteer through pro bono volunteering, days of service, paid time off to volunteer, and more. Is your nonprofit effectively engaging these corporate volunteers?

VM Summit 16, hosted by VolunteerMatch, will bring corporate responsibility and employee engagement professionals face-to-face with local and national nonprofits to learn how to create impactful partnerships. Learn more in the below press release.

VM Summit 16


Registration Now Open for Annual Volunteerism Conference Hosted by VolunteerMatch

San Francisco, CA, May 16, 2016
– VolunteerMatch, the web’s largest volunteer engagement network, announced today that it has opened registration for VM Summit 16, which will be held on October 25, 2016 in Chicago, IL.

VolunteerMatch’s annual conference, officially known as VM Summit, brings companies and nonprofits together in one place to learn and collaborate on how to create better, more impactful partnerships, and harness the power of corporate volunteering for real community impact.

Highlights of VM Summit 16 include a keynote presentation from internationally-recognized philanthropy expert and author Lisa Dietlin, opening reception and sessions from hosting company Groupon, as well as panels of volunteer engagement and corporate social responsibility (CSR) experts. VM Summit 16 will also include interactive sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

“Teams of corporate volunteers and nonprofits who engage volunteers have the same end goal: To improve communities,” says Bree von Faith, Senior Marketing Manager and VM Summit 16 Event Manager. “However, there are too few opportunities for these two groups to meet face-to-face and figure out how to have the greatest impact, together. That’s what VM Summit is for.”

Clients of YourMatch™, VolunteerMatch’s solution for companies and other groups with large-scale volunteer management needs, are invited to attend an additional day of networking, workshops and panels on October 26, 2016. To learn more about becoming a YourMatch™ client, visit

Learn more about VM Summit 16 by visiting, follow #VMSummit16 on Twitter to stay in the know, and take advantage of our early-bird registration today at


VolunteerMatch believes everyone should have the chance to make a difference. As the Web’s largest volunteer engagement network, serving 100,000 participating nonprofits, 150 network partners and 13 million annual visitors, VolunteerMatch offers unique, award-winning solutions for individuals, nonprofits and companies to make this vision a reality. Since its launch in 1998, VolunteerMatch has helped the social sector attract more than $6.8 billion worth of volunteer services. Learn more about VolunteerMatch at, and follow @VolunteerMatch.


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