From Partnership to Impact: Forging, Convening, and Funding Cross-Sector Collaborations [Upcoming Webinar]

For decades, individuals and organizations have been trying to solve our greatest challenges through siloed solutions. More recently, we have seen significant growth in the use and diversity of models of cross-sector collaboration, in part, because as Albert Einstein recognized, “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

Some of these efforts are able to create meaningful collaborations and drive measurable impact, while others end up doing more co-blab-orating than collaborating.

So what differentiates high-impact collaborations, and what roles can volunteers play in supporting their success? 

Through independent research and observation, the Presidio Institute has identified cross-sector leadership skills that effective collaborations use in their practice. Because cross-sector collaborations operate outside of traditional methods of authority and accountability, a key component of this work is building teams.

Join us on Wednesday December 9, 2015 at 11 am PT (2 pm ET) as David Styers, Manager of Program & Business Development, Presidio Institute and Jennifer Bennett, Senior Manager of Education & Training at VolunteerMatch explore the importance of developing trust, managing power dynamics and conflict, and fostering an innovative culture to successfully build alliances to solve problems and achieve shared goals.

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An Inspirational Hour about the Possibilities of #GivingTime

Give Your Time This #GivingTuesdayOn Thursday, November 24, 2015, VolunteerMatch teamed up with the folks from #GivingTuesday to talk about how volunteerism is a big part of this year’s #GivingTuesday celebration.

(If you’re not familiar, #GivingTuesday, celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a global day dedicated to encouraging generosity and giving back. Learn more.)

We were joined on Twitter by Taproot Foundation, Network for Good, Social Media for Nonprofits, Common Impact, and many more organizations, companies and volunteers. What was intended to be a discussion on how volunteerism can be incorporated into individuals’, nonprofits’, and companies’ #GivingTuesday plans, also became an inspirational hour celebrating volunteerism and its impact on the participants’ lives.

For example, we heard how Ritu Sharma, CEO of Social Media for Nonprofits, was inspired by a volunteer event in a big way:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 4.12.13 PM

We heard from many more people about how volunteering has been life-changer. Here’s one example:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 4.13.56 PM

These few tweets don’t paint the whole picture of the positivity, idea sharing, and storytelling that went on during the hour. Check out the full Storify story.

And remember to celebrate #GivingTuesday on Tuesday December 1, 2015 by #GivingTime.

What Does Volunteering Have to Do With #GivingTuesday?

Join VolunteerMatch and #GivingTuesday for a twitter chat about #GivingTime#GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back, will take place on Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

And on Tuesday November 24, 2015, we’ll take to Twitter to talk about how volunteering can be a powerful part of #GivingTuesday plans. And we want you to join in the conversation!

Who Should Participate?

Individuals, nonprofits, and companies who want to make a difference on and around #GivingTuesday, and are interested in how volunteering can fit into, and enhance, that vision.

How to Join

Prepare for the chat by reading the questions below. These questions will be asked of the folks at #GivingTuesday, VolunteerMatch, and many others (including you!)

Then, log onto Twitter on November 24th at 12 pm PST/ 3 pm EST. Follow the hashtag #GivingTime. You’ll answer Q1 with A1, and Q2 with A2. Remember to always include the hashtag #GivingTime. Feel free to talk to others in the chat, ask questions, be thoughtful, and be social.


  • #GivingTuesday is right around the corner. How will you give time on 12/1? #givingtime
  • Why is volunteering an important part of #GivingTuesday? #givingtime
  • What inspires you to volunteer? #GivingTuesday #givingtime
  • What’s a favorite moment or story from when you volunteered? #givingtime
  • How are companies celebrating #GivingTuesday with volunteerism? #givingtime
  • How are nonprofits incorporating volunteerism into their #GivingTuesday plans? #givingtime
  • What tools or resources are available to help people find volunteer opportunities for #GivingTuesday? #givingtime
  • How can volunteers make a big difference by #givingtime on #GivingTuesday?

You’ll meet new people (virtually), learn a lot about both volunteerism and #GivingTuesday, and most importantly, have FUN! Our aim is to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired about what you’re capable of this #GivingTuesday.

Volunteering in the Connected Age with Greg Baldwin, President of VolunteerMatch

UB_VM_300“We see that communities are struggling to stay connected. One of the symptoms of that is that volunteering is at an 10-year low. The common narrative is that people don’t care enough anymore. We think the exact opposite is true.

“We think people really care more than ever, but are struggling to find opportunities that are resonating with them to get involved in their community around causes that they really care about.”

– Greg Baldwin, President, VolunteerMatch

So what’s the solution to this? In the below video, VolunteerMatch President Greg Baldwin talks about what he calls the “engagement gap” in volunteering. There are barriers that keep good people, good causes, and good companies from connecting. Let’s eliminate these barriers together.

In the San Francisco Bay Area? Come hear even more on this topic. Greg will be speaking as part of Umpqua Bank’s ongoing Catalyst Series at their downtown San Francisco store on Thursday, October 15, 2015. He’ll lead a conversation about the future of volunteerism and corporate citizenship. Learn more and reserve your spot.

Vote for the 2015 Innovation Award Winner!

Vote for the 2015 Innovation Award“Innovation” is not always the first word that comes to mind when people think of nonprofits. Why is this? Across the globe, nonprofits are making huge strides in solving problems and making the world a better place. And many are doing this through innovative partnerships with corporations.

At the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit, we want to recognize these original and cutting-edge nonprofits. That’s why we created the Innovation Award.

We reached out to our family of corporate clients and asked them to nominate their favorite nonprofit partners – the ones driving change by thinking outside the box.

Out of these nominations, we’ve narrowed it down to three finalists. And now we need your help.

Check out the stories of these three groundbreaking partnerships and vote for your favorite.

Pay special attention to how well the partnerships engage corporate employees in volunteering, how well the partnership goes beyond traditional partnership models, and how well the partnership has documented progress and wide reach.

The winner will be announced December 1st at the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit.

Are you a national nonprofit? The 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit may be for you. Learn more.

Photo credit: Missy Schmidt