Do You Screen Volunteers? We Want Your Opinion!

We want to hear from you about volunteer screening!Last year, VolunteerMatch partnered with SureID® to conduct a survey that assesses volunteer screening practices at nonprofits across the United States.

Of those surveyed, we found that 31% of nonprofits do not currently — and have never — run background checks. The main reason? Background checks can be costly, and, sometimes, nonprofits do not have policies or procedures in place to handle them.

Even though volunteers aren’t paid employees, they still represent an organization’s brand and image. And in this day and age, the cost of not screening volunteers can be greater than the costs associated with screening them. Screening volunteers may reduce risks like organizational compliance, liability, volunteer misconduct, and more.

It’s an important issue that nonprofits and volunteer program managers should address; one which we discuss in one of our Learning Center webinars.

SureID® is working to develop a set of comprehensive solutions that address these issues. Please take a few minutes to help them optimize their service offerings so they can better meet your needs for screening volunteers.

We value your opinion — click here to begin the survey!