College Students + Food = Helping the Homeless

Picture this: Breakfast, lunch and dinner college students pile into their dining halls, swiping their student card to buy their meals. These “swipes” expire at the end of each term, and many students find themselves with leftover swipes that go unused and wasted.

So let them expire! What’s the big deal? These wasted swipes mean wasted food and money, and the organization Swipes for the Homeless has found a way to fix this.

Recently, VolunteerMatch intern Nicole Villanueva interviewed Rachel Sumekh, the current executive director of Swipes for the Homeless.

Swipes as an organization holds its volunteers dear. The chapters are run entirely by student volunteers who organize projects and get university administration on board to transform their dining dollars for good.

In between all their studies and extracurriculars, these students are able to help out and contribute to social change. They are crucial in establishing the grassroots support for a chapter.

Read more about Swipes for the Homeless and the student volunteers who turn their unused dining dollars into food for those who need it most.

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