Make #GivingTuesday Count by Engaging Volunteers as Fundraisers

Make #GivingTuesday count by engaging your volunteers as fundraisers.The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is more than just a day to re-commit to your local gym. It’s also #GivingTuesday, a day for giving back, a day for families, communities, companies and organizations to come together for something greater than great deals.

Now in its second year, the global campaign is looking to build on last year’s success, when more than 2,500 partners from all 50 states spread the word to over 50 million people. According to groups like Blackbaud and DonorPerfect, online donations increased by 40-50% compared to the same day the previous year. Clearly, #GivingTuesday made a difference.

How Can #GivingTuesday Help Your Organization?

Last year we talked about how #GivingTuesday is an opportunity to involve your volunteers and supporters in a new way. You should definitely check out that post for ideas to spread the word to your supporters.

This year we want to focus on something slightly different: How to engage your volunteers as fundraisers to get people to donate on #GivingTuesday.

Yes, it’s true – fundraisers are volunteers! (Assuming you’re not paying them.) Empower your dedicated volunteers to get their friends, families and communities involved, and your network of engaged supporters will exponentially expand. Talk about return on investment!

Here are some tips to help your volunteers become successful #GivingTuesday fundraisers for your organization:

Ask them.

Many of your volunteers are probably looking for more ways to get involved and help you out – you just need to ask them! Send your volunteers and email, call them up, ask them in person when you see them, and let them know that raising money and awareness for #GivingTuesday would be a huge help. We bet they’ll jump at the chance to do more for you.

Make it easy.

Provide pre-written emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, and blog posts for your volunteers to cut and paste. The quicker and easier you can make it for them, the more likely it is they’ll do it.

Track their impact.

Give each volunteer a unique, trackable URL using or Google URL Builder so you can track how many donations come in through each volunteer. And be sure to update them on their progress both individually and as a group and encourage them to continue!

Recognize their success.

No matter how much money and awareness each volunteer raises, thank them profusely and publicly for their time and effort. Make sure they know how much you appreciate it! Perhaps provide them with a badge they can put on their social media profiles that identify them as a champion for your organization, or mention them by name in any press you receive during the holiday season.

What does your nonprofit have planned for #GivingTuesday? Share your ideas in the comments!