Expert Snapshots for September

Expert SnapshotsAt VolunteerMatch we learn so much from other experts in the field of volunteer engagement and management, and we want to help you stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Check back every month for snapshots of what experts in the field are talking about. This month we’re focusing on data and knowledge sharing.

3 Kinds of Data That Actually Matter to Nonprofits | Nonprofit Hub

With all the buzz these days about gathering data – big data, small data, micro data, visual data… the problem most of us face is: How do we USE all this data? After all, measurement only matters if it changes the way you act. Marc Koenig writes on Nonprofit Hub about the three best ways for nonprofits to use data and how to collect data that actually matters.

What are you doing with your nonprofit data? | Donor Dreams Blog

Don’t collect data on your organization’s performance just because your donors tell you to. Instead, be strategic about what you measure, and follow Erik Anderson’s advice in the Donor Dreams blog post about what to do with all that data once you collect it.

Unleash Your Organization’s Knowledge Sharing Process | Beth Kanter

As Beth points out, many of us don’t value taking the time for intentional learning within our organizations. In this post we hear from guest poster Kelsie Tacchi about how her organization gathers, processes, reflects, and shares knowledge to help improve and scale effectively.

5 Ways Data-Driven Marketing is Like Taking the Perfect Selfie | Social Media Today

Data-driven marketing is much more doable than you think. With the right focus and the right strategy, it will provide immense value for your organization without seeming like a tedious chore. Here are some creative ways working with data is like taking the perfect “selfie…”