Create Flexible Opportunities, So You Can Engage Volunteers Like Jenna

Jenna Wittingham volunteered with American Cancer Society using her graphic design skillsLike many Millennials, Jenna Wittingham has a lot of fun at work. But she never knew she could use her graphic design skills to help others.

All of that changed when she found a virtual volunteer opportunity on to help American Cancer Society South Atlantic Division to create infographic marketing materials to encourage people to sign up for a groundbreaking cancer prevention study.

Even though she was a virtual volunteer, Jenna was able to stay in communication with the volunteer coordinator at the organization, and by providing an infographic to its community, the cancer study became far more shareable via social media and other online platforms.

Read Jenna’s full story here.

Lesson Learned: Don’t Limit Your Volunteer Thinking

If American Cancer Society South Atlantic Division had never created the virtual volunteer listing, it never would have connected with Jenna, who is now committed to staying involved with the organization however her skills can be valuable.

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Millennial volunteers, once engaged, can be fiercely hard workers and valuable champions for your cause. However, they like to get involved on their own terms, in their own way, on their own time. This is okay! Be creative when designing volunteer opportunities, and you’ll attract more Millennials.

Virtual volunteer opportunities tend to attract more busy Millennials, who need a more flexible schedule. Recruit for skills many Millennials possess, such as social media marketing, online fundraising, graphic design, etc. Create opportunities that encourage people to bring their friends along, since Millennials tend to prefer social situations.

These are just a few tips for designing Millennial friendly volunteer opportunities. What are some other ways your organization engages Millennial volunteers?

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