It’s a Brave New Volunteering World, Now with Personal Profiles

Announcing the new personalized, localized and interactive Volunteer Profiles on VolunteerMatchQuietly, with little fanfare and less noise, VolunteerMatch released a new feature last month: Volunteer Profiles. And once again, we changed the game for volunteers and the nonprofit organizations looking to connect with them.

Read on to learn more about these new Volunteer Profiles and how they can help you connect good people to your good cause:

Be Inspired

Based on your volunteering history, the causes you care about and the skills you’ve got (now all living in one central place), VolunteerMatch generates recommendations that are localized, personalized and constantly up-to-date, so your volunteers will always see opportunities that best fit their passions – and you can tailor your listings to them with the confidence that they’ll see them.

Additionally, it’s now even easier to access your email alert settings, since everything is centralized in the Volunteer Profile. These let volunteers get VolunteerMatch recommendations sent straight to their inboxes. Be sure to urge your volunteers to sign up for alerts for your new opportunity listings!

Now you'll get tailored volunteer recommendations right in your VolunteerMatch profile.

See Your Impact

With Volunteer Profiles, all your volunteering activity is centralized in one place – including your connection history. This means not only can volunteers see all the past opportunities for which they’ve signed up, but it’s super easy for them to reconnect with you if they want to help out again.

The new Volunteer Profiles lets your skills, causes and personal volunteering info live in one place.

Become the Volunteer You Want to Be

The Volunteer Profile gives you a strong identity for your dedicated work. You can upload a picture, specify the causes you care about, and list the skills you’ve got to offer.

All of these great new features boil down to one simple idea: When your volunteers build their Volunteer Profiles, they’ll be proud of who they are, what they care about, and the work they’ve done with your organization, and they’ll be inspired to do even more.

We’ll be running special live webinars to help organizations learn about the new profiles, and best ways to connect with volunteers in this brave new world. So stay tuned.

What do you think of the new volunteer profiles on VolunteerMatch?