Making a Choice to Change Your World

We love videos. Who doesn’t? Videos are a great way to spread your message and create genuine, emotional connections with your community members. Here’s a video about volunteering that one of our wonderful interns created. Doesn’t her passion just ooze from this and make you want to get involved?

Here is a word from the filmmaker, Lauren Pattugalan:

“I made this video because I want to inspire individuals to take the initiative in volunteering. My intent for is to give an example of how one can help make the world a better community.

“Helping those who live in hunger is just one example of the many ways someone could help. I also want to show that volunteering is enjoyable and lifts the spirit of oneself and the spirits of those we are helping.

“Everyone has the power to volunteer. I wanted to make something that inspires people to use that power, and that is why I made this video.”

Has a video helped your organization spread your message and engage your community? Share it below!

Lauren Pattugalan is a sophomore at Immaculate Conception Academy, a Cristo Rey School. She is a student in the class of 2015 and takes part in the corporate work study program at ICA, which is how VolunteerMatch was lucky enough to get to know her.

2 thoughts on “Making a Choice to Change Your World

  1. There are volunteering opportunities that can be found in the national online help directory in the US. For me, it is the convenient setting where you’ll be able to connect to different organizations that offers opportunity to serve the community. 🙂

  2. This is almost too cute! I love spreading the word about how amazing volunteering is… It fills your time with something meaningful, allows you to network and build lasting relationships and skills, and helps you to find your passion. Great video!