Think ‘Outside-the-Box’ to Engage Volunteers

Get excited for National Volunteer Week!

National Volunteer Week is about recognizing and inspiring those who give back to their communities through service.  It’s also the perfect time for your organization to engage new volunteers. A great way to promote your cause and grab the attention of volunteers is to post a creative, ‘outside-the-box’ volunteer opportunity.

We’ve selected four of our favorites to share with you. Each opportunity engages audiences through celebrating the role of volunteers and the impact they have within their organizations. Let’s take a look!

Calling All Magicians, Clowns, Face Painters and Performers!

If you like magic, music, clowns and fun then this opportunity is for you! This organization puts on monthly birthday parties for low-income children residing in homeless shelters. They believe that children should be celebrated throughout the year and not just on holidays.

This opportunity was posted by Cause For Celebration. For more information about this organization, click here.

Calling All Beauty Professionals! Help Chronically Ill Patients!

If you want to put your beauty talents to good use, look no further. This organization recruits volunteers to bring dignity, hope and respite to people living with chronic or terminal illness through beauty ad grooming treatments. They strive to make clients feel beautiful inside and out, in order to raise self-esteem and maintain dignity and the enhance quality of life.

This opportunity was posted by Beauty Bus Foundation. For more information about this organization, click here.

Exotic Plant Removal

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and you like working in nature, sign up for this opportunity. This organization strives to develop in children and adults an appreciation for the natural world, and to preserve Eaton Canyon as a natural area for future generations.

This opportunity was posted by Eaton Canyon Nature Centers Associates (ECNCA). For more information about this organization, click here.

Video Editors for Hospice Patients Life Stories

Put your video editing skills to use and sign up for this opportunity. Like their counterparts, Evercare Hospice strives to preserve dignity and freedom from pain at the end of life through a series of customized projects and activities. The Life Review Videos help in these efforts by showcasing the lives of each patient.

This opportunity was posted by Evercare Hospice & Palliative Care For more information about this organization, click here.

Does your organization have a fun, creative opportunity that you’d like us to share? Post it in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Think ‘Outside-the-Box’ to Engage Volunteers

  1. About a month ago we reposted volunteer positions here. We wrote the copy attempting to show how the volunteer position made a difference and that it could be fun. It’s worked and we are receiving responses on a daily basis.

    Example: Instead of “Office Volunteer,” We went with “Awesome Office Volunteer.” The position description reads:
    We need awesome office volunteers to assemble kits, help with mailings, fold brochures, and do filiing. Our office is in NE Austin at 2433 Ridgepoint Drive.We have limited resources and some times tasks don’t get done that could help us eliminate needless suffering. Your help can make a difference.

    We’re open M-F, 8:00-4:30. And Hey! We hope you don’t mind if we’re fun to work with.

    • Thanks for sharing your volunteer opportunity, Glenn. Yours is a great example of engaging volunteers through celebrating their contributions to your organization.

      I’m glad you’ve been so successful! Proof that taking the time to write FOR your audience–not at them–is always a good idea.