What’s Your Cause? Share It with Everyone This National Volunteer Week

What's Your Cause? Share your passion with Facebook this National Volunteer Week.I have a feeling you’re pretty passionate about something. In fact, regardless of what you do during the week, many of you give your free time to help a cause you care about.

This year National Volunteer Week is April 21-27, and VolunteerMatch wants to help you share your cause on Facebook. We’ve created six free Facebook cover photos that you can download and use as your own Timeline cover photo. Each of the six photos focuses on a different cause (animals, education, environment, hunger, housing and social justice,) and answers the question:

Why do I volunteer?

So be proud of your volunteer work – let others know what you care about and why you give back. Choose a cover photo, download it, and put it on Facebook as your own Timeline photo.

By sharing your passion with everyone on Facebook, you’ll not only be showing everyone the important work you do, you’ll be inspiring your friends and family to do the same. And that will seriously make a difference.

What’s your cause? Choose and download your cover photo now!