7 Reasons Why Every Nonprofit Should Create a Blog

Guest post by Rebecca Lindegren

Why having a blog is a great idea for any nonprofitThere are a lot of reasons why establishing a blog for your nonprofit is a good idea. A blog will enable your organization to publish a constant stream of relevant, updated and linked content to volunteers and the public at large. A blog will also strengthen your power to influence public opinion. Finally, a blog will encourage your readers to become part of your community, working towards the fulfillment of your mission.

Creating a blog is actually a much simpler task than creating a website. One of the most rewarding features of blogging is that search engines love fresh content. As a result, your likelihood to appear at the top of search engine results increases drastically.

Blogs Provide Fresh Content

Fresh content continuously drives more traffic to a website and keeps visitors interested. Without a blog, a nonprofit may miss out on many opportunities to keep visitors engaged. Furthermore, if your nonprofit has a good blog that is updated with fresh content regularly, it eliminates the need to build additional landing pages to generate traffic.

Blogs Increase Your Credibility

When your organization has its own blog it not only creates an impression of professionalism, but also increases credibility among your audience. With relevant content, it becomes much easier to convince others of your heightened authority and influence within the field.

Blogs Build Your Community

A blog is one of the most effective ways to build an online community of like-minded individuals. By creating content that conveys your commitment to a cause, folks with similar interests will find it beneficial to connect with your organization. A blog provides you the platform to connect with people who are genuinely interested in your message.

Blogs Spread Awareness

A blog is a very effective platform for creating awareness. For example, update your blog with interesting news and success stories from volunteers. Volunteers can interact with visitors through engaging comments. Hopefully, visitors will feel encouraged to become a part of your organization (and even sign up to volunteer!)

Blogs are Economical

Building and maintaining a full-blown website can be lengthy and expensive. Blogging is one of the most economical and cost-effective marketing tools. It easily gathers attention and helps you market your ideas to a wide audience.

Blogs Improve Search Engine Rankings & Traffic

As mentioned earlier, search engines respond positively to websites with blogs. It is a fact that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 75% of website traffic is generated through search. Therefore, ranking highly on a search results page will equate to more traffic to a site. A blog will help you with this.

Blogs Can Attract Prospective Volunteers

A good blog will ultimately attract a targeted audience to your website, create awareness around your mission, and because of that, drive prospective volunteers. A blog is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your message is easily delivered to a larger audience with the fewest resources expended.

Rebecca Lindegren is the Community Relations Manager for International Relations Online, a full graduate degree program offered by American University. Additionally, she is the news editor for The Word is Bond, enjoys writing, cycling and sustainable development.