A Love Letter to VolunteerMatch Staff

Thank you, VolunteerMatch staff.On this blog we talk a lot about volunteer recognition. This is a critical piece of the overall volunteer engagement lifecycle, along with recruitment and retention.

However, it’s important not to forget that our paid employees need recognition, as well. Especially at a nonprofit, it’s a good bet that your staff people are not in it for the money. It’s the work itself, and the cause that work supports, that drive the employees at our organizations.

Tomorrow is Employee Appreciation Day, and today we want to use this space to explain how our staff people work together and form a team that is way more amazing than the sum of its parts.

As VolunteerMatch President Greg Baldwin says, “There is nothing I enjoy more about VolunteerMatch than the opportunity to be surrounded by such a talented and generous team.”

Engineering Team

VolunteerMatch would not exist without our technology, and our dedicated and often overworked team of engineers makes sure our technology actually works. The epitome of behind-the-scenes leaders, we are so proud of the award-winning work our engineers continue to do to help connect good people with good causes.

Way to go, Aaron, Stephen, Omid, Daryll, Vaishnavi, Eric, Fahad, Henry and Kirk!

Services Team

The more VolunteerMatch grows, the bigger this team gets. Encompassing our Product, Solutions, Client Services, Education & Training and Marketing & Communications departments, this cross-functional group is on the front lines of our “people-facing” activities.

Thanks for your hard work, Russ, Molly, Michele, Seth, Dianna, Vicky, Maura, David, Jeff, Alyssa, Samir, Laura, Kevin, Adam, Jennifer, Robert, Lauren, Abby, Matt and Shari!

Finance & Administration Team

At VolunteerMatch we are proud of our supportive culture, our great benefits and our cheery office. None of that would be possible without the hard work of our Finance & Administration Team.

Thanks for your dedication, Jackie, Julia and Rose!

Executive Team

Think of them as a compass guiding our organization in the right direction, and providing excellent leadership for the rest of us along the way.

You’re the best, Greg, Greg, Denise and Zeph!

What does your company do to recognize your employees?

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