Nonprofit Tip of The Month: Add Skills to Engage Pro Bono Volunteers

Engage skilled volunteers using your VolunteerMatch account.

Does your organization actively recruit skilled volunteers? If not, you may want to re-evaluate your recruitment strategy. Pro-bono and skilled volunteers are changing the world of volunteering for the better.  For this month’s tip I’ll tell you how to engage skilled volunteers using the free tools available in your VolutneerMatch account.

Let’s get started.

First things first: think strategically about which skill set your opportunity will target. What are your goals for the volunteers and their work within your organization? Identify the projects they will be working on and intended outcomes. Which skills will be necessary to complete this work? Be sure and incorporate these ideas into your opportunity.

Next you will need to create new content. Posting a new volunteer opportunity is the best way to engage new—and existing—volunteers. Remember to create a straightforward description and include relevant keywords. If you get stuck, reference our best practices to ensure your opportunity is engaging.

Now you’re ready to add some skills to your opportunity. Working with the Taproot Foundation we’ve created an extensive taxonomy of professional skills. To access this tool navigate to the ‘Requirements’ step in the listing flow and click on the box labeled ‘Select Skill’. Hover your cursor over the skills you wish to add and another list—with more specialized options—will appear. To select a skill simply click on the corresponding box. If you do not find the skill you’re looking for you can add it manually by typing into the box labeled ‘Other’.

Do you have skilled volunteer engagement tips of your own? We’d love to hear from you. Share your ideas in the comment section below!