Your Favorite Engaging Volunteers Posts of 2012

Your favorite blog posts of 2012In 2012, we published 177 posts about volunteer recruitment, management and recognition on Engaging Volunteers. And more than 100,000 of you read these posts and shared them with friends and colleagues. This is more than double the number of readers this blog had in 2011.

Which boils down to one inescapable conclusion: You like us, you really like us!

Actually, you really like the Engaging Volunteers blog, to be more accurate. So here are the five most popular posts from 2012. And here’s to a 2013 with even more great content, learning and sharing of all kinds with the people, communities and causes we care about.

5. 5 Ways to Help Your Board & Volunteers Get the Tax Deductions They Deserve (guest post by Tobi Johnson)

4. Volunteering vs. Giving: How Does Your State Stack Up?

3. Top Ten List: The Most Popular Causes at VolunteerMatch

2. 7 Ways to Appreciate Your Volunteers

1. Here’s What You Can Do to Help with Hurricane Sandy

What was your favorite Engaging Volunteers post of 2012? Share it in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Your Favorite Engaging Volunteers Posts of 2012

  1. I include links to this blog in my roundups on the Nonprofit Blog Exchange blog. The entry posted in March titled “How to Recruit and Retain Volunteers Through Blogging” had the most clicks of all the 2012 entries I linked to on Engaging Volunteers. That was probably my favorite post too.

    I also liked the post written for Blog Action Day titled “Technology, the Volunteer Web and the Power of We”. I really liked how you picked a cause (hunger) to write about for a month and enjoyed reading all the posts. I thought that was a great idea.