Online Resources to Help Your Organization Fight Hunger

VolunteerMatch is putting a special focus on hunger this holiday season, and we want you and your organization to join in. To help out with that, we’ve put together a great list of tools and resources that will help your nonprofit mobilize your community to fight hunger.

Donations Through Pinterest

Pinterest is actually a great way your nonprofit can help fight hunger. When creating a pin, you have the ability to put a recommended amount for your followers to donate. In the description, provide a link to the foundation you want to highlight, a description of their cause, and an amount that the foundation is asking for with a ‘$‘in front of the number. This puts a ribbon with the amount onto the thumbnail, indicating that there is a donation component if they click through.

Also, creating a board specifically for fighting hunger can contribute to the exposure of the food insecurity in our country. VolunteerMatch’s Pinterest page has a board concerning hunger and links to organizations who work specifically towards ending hunger. Create your own board and get the word out!

Blogging for Hunger

If your nonprofit has a blog, dedicate a few articles to fighting hunger. You can also add a banner or graphic that links to an organization you are passionate about. This allows for your readers to volunteer online in the effort to combat hunger. No Kid Hungry provides even more tips about how you can encourage others to lend a hand.

Smartphone Apps for Food Banks

The smartphone application FlashFood makes it simple for restaurants to inform food banks when they have left over food. Restaurants with leftover meals notify community food banks how many meals they have left from the day. Trucks from these food banks go and pick up the meals and bring them to families in need. FlashFood can be a call to action for your volunteers, employees, and community in the fight against hunger.

A Gift that Gives

The Feed Foundation has created holiday cards for a cause. With each pack of cards that is purchased, a school meal is donated to a child. You can suggest to the volunteers of your nonprofit to give these cards as a gift, as they are both beautifully crafted and support those children in need of a meal.

Twitter List

We put together this great Twitter list of organizations and projects whose goal is to end hunger. We invite you to scroll through the list and follow whomever you want (you can even subscribe to the list to follow everyone!) so your nonprofit can support, and possibly even partner with, organizations that provide meals for those in need.

Games with a Cause

Social media gaming has taken a philanthropic turn. Free Rice is a website where you can test your vocabulary while donating rice to those in famine-stricken countries. Suggest to your employees to play this game while on their lunch break, so they can feed the world while improving their diction.

(Photo Credit to Lynnwood Rotary via Flickr)

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