Technology, the Volunteer Web and the Power of We

Today’s blog post is inspired by Blog Action Day.

Get inspired by the Power of WeThere have been a lot of changes to our little world over the past few decades. The incredible pace of technological development has created a society that in many ways is almost unrecognizable from that of merely 50 or 60 years ago. The Internet has accelerated a trend towards globalization and greater connectedness, not to mention the expectation of fast, fast, FAST communication and total transparency.

Introducing the Power of We

The Power of We is not a new concept – it has fueled improvements and revolutions on both a small and large scale since the beginning of organized society. But the developments I mentioned above (technology) have changed it – they have morphed it from an abstract idea to help us get through tough times, or a life-long goal for activists to strive towards, into a concrete reality that is far more accessible to normal people like you and me than it ever has been before. And suddenly, we normal people are able to accomplish extraordinary things together more easily than at any other time in history.

VolunteerMatch is built upon this simple fact. We can now leverage new technologies to create significant social change in our communities and in the world, and the Power of We is the fuel for that fire. This is especially important for those of us working with volunteers to recognize.

The Power of We for Volunteer Engagement

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Volunteer managers, you are not alone. Through technology, you are connected to your volunteers, to each other, to VolunteerMatch, and to everyone else in the world whom you haven’t met yet, but who do care about what you’re doing and want to help you.

Here are some suggestions for how technology can enable you to harness the Power of We for volunteer engagement:

  • You can use websites like to help you reach potential volunteers and supporters. Other great technology like social media and email help you form strong, authentic relationships with volunteers.
  • Take advantage of how connected we all are – create ways for people across the world to help you by designing virtual volunteer opportunities. Just because they aren’t local doesn’t mean they can’t have a big impact on your mission.
  • Tell the stories of your organization, your volunteers and your impact using technology that will help millions of people to discover you and be inspired to join in.

Technology weaves us all together, creating a web of energy and good will that just needs a catalyst – that is the Power of We. If we all recognize and harness this power together, imagine what we can accomplish.

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