Fresh Off the Press: Introducing Our New Intern

Hello! My name is Penelope Rivas and I am beyond excited about taking on the role of the new Communications and Social Media Intern here at VolunteerMatch!  I am most enthusiastic about being a part of an online community that is committed to promoting social justice, compassion and of course,  volunteerism.

I recently graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, with degrees in English and Anthropology. While at Berkeley, I spent some time volunteering for a diverse array of organizations. I formerly worked for an organization called Teach in Prison, where I was given the rare opportunity to tutor inmates at San Quentin State Prison. I also volunteered as a Language Partner to scholars whose second language was English for the YWCA, which focused on women’s empowerment. At the end of the day, volunteering has proven to be invaluable to my personal development and has led me to pursue an internship at VolunteerMatch.

My role as a Communications and Social Media Intern will involve working closely with the Communications team to create online content that will serve to deepen your understanding of VolunteerMatch as a valuable resource. Given that VolunteerMatch is a nonprofit organization, I hope to focus content on areas such as social entrepreneurship and volunteer engagement. I’d like to take this opportunity to get to know more about you. What specific challenges are you running into, in terms of volunteer engagement?

If you have any further questions regarding VolunteerMatch or my role as an intern, feel free to leave me a comment below!


3 thoughts on “Fresh Off the Press: Introducing Our New Intern

  1. I was the social media and communications intern earlier this year. Had a lot of fun, got challenged everyday, and ultimately the VM communications team helped set me up for a good job at an SF nonprofit.

    I will wish you luck despite the fact that you went to Cal (Stanford grad myself).

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your time at VM. The projects here are definitely exciting and I’m learning something new everyday.

  2. I am glad you asked me what challenges I have been running into for volunteer engagement. I have given some details below, but I am extremely new to non profit as a place to dedicate part of my life. My first awareness was that the avenue to get in are very narrow and there are many people who want to work for nonprofit organizations. My question to you is ,in your opinion, where do I start? What am I supposed to do to prepare? I have only been looking for a position for about 2 weeks now, but it is harder than looking for a corporation job.
    Thank You for your answer. careersearch at g mail dot com
    Goal – Quit the corporate greed job (35k) and work for a company that actually helps society(hopefully 35k+someday via nonprofit)
    – Mentor/Teach self employment to low income women and/or families to stop poverty one person at a time.
    – I can work from home since your company is in a different state, however, if there is a paying position in the future I will relocate.

    Background – civilian
    – Never worked in NonProfit Organizations before
    – No college degree. On the job training for inbound/outbound computer based services. High School diploma
    – No formal business startup background
    – Approximately 20 years basic call center customer service and sales
    – Older female over 50 years old
    – Not Retired. Looking for work full time preferred or part time to start

    Training – open for suggestions according to the needs or guidelines of your company for lower education
    – If possible, I would love to have a mentor or on the job training
    – Am willing to learn new material for certification and / or two year degree to be eligible to work at your organization
    -I looked for employment information on hour website but did not see any displayed
    -I know typical training includes the following titles and I can learn these things without getting the four year degree.
    -I understand some positions have a mandatory four year degree attached, but I do not have funds for a BA or similar, so
    definitely let me know which titles I am more suited for. Thank you.
    proposal/grant writing, socializing on and off the internet, administrative / coordinator assistant,
    fundraising, accountant assistant,Human Resources, Marketing, small/general business, IT,
    computer office software, computer forensics, marketing,