VolunteerMatch’s Rookie: Learning the Ropes of Volunteer Engagement

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Hello everyone! My name is Sean Hisaka and I am the new Communications and Social Media intern at VolunteerMatch. I’m the new guy who will be contributing to the blogs and other social media platforms.

I have recently graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a minor in Japanese. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, so to work with VolunteerMatch in the heart of San Francisco is the type of dream that Tony Bennett used to sing of (I’m 22 years old, but an old soul when it comes to music).

I started out volunteering with the encouragement of my parents, both of whom work in California’s social sector. I had my first encounter with volunteerism working with the developmentally disabled. I helped in a thrift store where the proceeds benefited the education of those with developmental disabilities, and also performed in plays with these amazing individuals. Currently, I coach youth basketball, teach martial arts, and compose poetry when I’m not interning at VolunteerMatch.

My position as Communications and Social Media intern asks of me to write blogs, contribute to our Social Media outlets, and generally increase public awareness of VolunteerMatch and their endeavors. I will be writing blog posts about different activities involving volunteerism, volunteerism as a concept, along with my personal exploration into the sphere of social welfare. But all of this is done in the effort to inform, and to have you think.

I’m very excited to work with VolunteerMatch and to absorb as much as I can within my internship, while hoping to simultaneously learn alongside you about the different aspects of volunteering.

4 thoughts on “VolunteerMatch’s Rookie: Learning the Ropes of Volunteer Engagement

  1. Now that you’ve graduated, it’s nice to see you’re volunteering but have you been able to get a job in the field or is that pretty hard with this kind of degree? I’m still considering what to major in so…

    • I started this Marketing internship with my English degree in my holster and volunteering as my experience and an honest passion. The stigma against English majors is “What do you do with a B.A. in English”, but if you look at the different fields to choose from, English is a very versatile degree to have. Communication is key within most companies, so I approach each job opportunity with that as my selling point; that my oral and written abilities can adapt to most positions and situations.
      Volunteering is also a great way to get ingratiated into a community or field that you want to aspire to have a career in, as it’s more about the connections than the qualifications in this job market. So if you can volunteer (Going to do a plug by saying volunteermatch.org is a great way to start) it’s a great way to help your community while also helping yourself. Thanks for reading the post!

  2. Hi Sean I read your blog post with great interest as I operate a volunteers program in France where we are putting together a learning centre for people to come and learn about France and the French way of life. This year we are going to add an internship program. The program sound identical to what you are doing at Volunteer Match
    “Social media and communications” Do you think that an internship abroad in France about Volunteering in France would be of interest to American Students? and how did you learn of your internship? Appreciate your time Regards Paul in France

    • Coming from California where surf and turf is a common cuisine, France has a mystique that I’ve only read about in Post- World War 2 novels. If you appealed to many America college students that are currently learning French and may want to incorporate it into an International Relations or Marketing position, I believe many people would be interested. I learned about Volunteermatch.org through word of mouth, but it’s purpose has an appeal to many. I’d say to contact anyone you know of in the United States with connections to French language programs or Marketing / Business programs in order to help people hear about what you’re doing.