9/11 Day: New Resources for Organizations That Engage Volunteers

Join the 9/11 Day MovementThe 11th anniversary of 9/11 is approaching. Volunteering in the community is one of the most popular ways to commemorate those we lost and celebrate the spirit of working together.

Once again this year, VolunteerMatch has partnered with 911day.org to ensure that your listings can be found at their popular website. More than 700,000 volunteers have made a connection via 911day.org, so it’s definitely a great way to engage new supporters in your mission.

Remember: any listing you create at VolunteerMatch.org will automatically show up at 911Day.org. Use this link to update your account: www.volunteermatch.org/post.

If you’re not quite sure where 9/11 Day fits in with your volunteer program, a good place to start is 9/11day.org’s handy downloadable toolkit for nonprofits. Inside you’ll find great ideas on how to make 9/11 Day a time to create new relationships around your cause. You can download the toolkit here.

Is your organization planning anything special for 9/11 Day this year?